Five Most Requested PSOne Classics on PSP and Playstation 3

The Playstation is home to some of the best video games ever made. Unfortunately, Sony rarely re-release them as PSOne Classics on the Playstation Store. Here are five Playstation games that must be converted to PSOne Classics.

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George Sears4009d ago

I would like to see "Hello, Hello, Follow me, ok, Wait, OK, Wait, pggrrggrr!!!" on the PS store!

Wizeguy214009d ago

ok, so this list is bland. where is:

Metal Gear
Final Fantasy 7,8,9
Twisted Metal
Final Fantasy Tactics
Medal of Honor
Tekken 3
Ridge Racer
Resident evil 2
Grand Tourismo
Tony Hawk

Any one of these games could easily beat out crash team racing!! And Metal Gear should be close to 1.

GWAVE4009d ago

Heck yeah. I had to hack my PSP to play those games, and before anyone says it, I own the games I put on my PSP.

Ninja-Sama4009d ago

Xenogears! One of the best RPGs on the PS1.

Ratchet_Co4009d ago

No way Wizeguy21. Crash Team Racing stays on that list, it was an awesome kart racer, and I have spent at least 200+ hours on it. I agree with the need for Metal Gear Solid, Tony Hawk and Resident Evil 2 though.

rockleex4009d ago

Crash Team Racing?!?! >_<

It was one of the funnest games on the PS1. We always played 4-player races/battles during get-togethers!

I'm sad that we somehow lost the game in the past year. -_-"

Anyways, Xenogears ftw! ^_^

Wizeguy214009d ago

Ratchet_Co-- Really?? Crash team Racing over Grand Tourismo, tekken 3 and Lunar? I mean im not Knocking Crash team Racing.. but come on.. . Over Grand Tourismo the best possible Racing game of the ps1 era! Tekken the best fighter! no way man.. But hey.. we are all entitled you know!

ThanatosDMC4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Megaman Legends 1 and 2 please.
Vagrant Stories
Megaman X4, X5, X6
Silent Hill (katana dashing FTW!)

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LarVanian4009d ago

MGS, GT and FF7 are without a doubt the three most wanted PS1 games for PSN.
I would love to see FF8 released on PSN in the future.

ExcelKnight4009d ago

MGS1 was recently re-released in disc form. It won't be coming to PSN for a while.

callahan094009d ago

Number one most wanted game on the PSN is Suikoden 2. Get that bad boy on there (they've already got the first up) and it'll be an instant buy for me.

Enate4008d ago

When they do get it u there you will love it I love playing suikoden II an Xenogears on my psp its like a slice of heaven.

Foxgod4009d ago

Xenogears needs a real sequel, Xenosaga was nothing compared to Xenogears.

Enate4008d ago

Foxgod I think this is the one an only time I will ever agree with you.

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The story is too old to be commented.