How To Play The [email protected] SP

From the article, "[email protected] SP can puzzle some gamers. The cover and general description - which all involve anime-style pop stars - may lead people to assume it is some sort of music game. In reality, it is a simulation game with more in common with the Princess Maker line of games than music titles like Boogie Superstar or DJ Max Fever.

First, the game is incredibly import friendly. The Asia version of the games come with an English insert that explains the basic flow of the game. The insert explains all the controls, as well as also explaining the week to week actions, how auditions work, and the controls for taking pictures and making appeals during the TV performances.

Also, if you've played the original Xbox 360 version of The [email protected], you'll be familiar with the PSP version. You should have no trouble adjusting to the portable game.

In addition, there a lot of helpful hints throughout the game to guide people who aren't exactly fluent, or familiar with Japanese at all, down the right track..."

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