IGN wrong, Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries can be played online.

In a recent article IGN said:

"As with the campaign, Mercenaries supports cooperative play. Unfortunately, it's not online. Instead, you can play on the same machine in a split-screen mode."

However this now appears to be incorrect. Pictures of online co-op play have been posted. People on the live-stream also confirmed they had been playing Mercenaries online.

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dgroundwater4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Wow... My heart really sank when I read the IGN article. After pumping you up with all the details, the spat in your face on the second last paragraph!

Good thing they're wrong.

Delta4001d ago

LOL that was my same expression. Anyways thats awesome!!!

swiftshot934001d ago

replay value just jumped up! woot Jill FTW

GiantEnemyCrab4001d ago

IGN sucks so this no big surprise.

DevilVergilX4001d ago

heres hoping we can play jill in her sexy RE3 costume!

CallOfWar224001d ago

Thank You GODDD!! For Letting Mercenaries be Online!!! I've been telling my friend about Mercenaries mode from RE4 and I was hoping it was going to make this edition and not only did it make it, It took it to another level!!!! Honestly. Call me crazy. I am more excited for the Mercenaries Mode then the actual Story Mode itself!!!

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