NXE now included as mandatory on-disc update

If you do not have your Xbox 360 connected to Xbox Live, which is a distinct possibility if recent user numbers are to be believed, then you probably have no idea what NXE, avatars, and all this crazy stuff is. However, that is set to change, as Microsoft are now including the NXE update in all of their new games coming down the line.

The first games to have the mandatory update included on-disc will be Tom Clancy: H.A.W.X, and MLB: 2K9, Both of these games will not let you play them unless you accept the dashboard update that appears when you put in the disc into you 360.

If you held of this long, then saying goodbye to your old blade interface will be hard. Stay strong!

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Handsome_Devil4002d ago

couldn't they just ship the console with NXE instead of forcing it this way ?

meepmoopmeep4002d ago

what happened to "Choice"?


majorsuave4002d ago

This will greatly help developers in their work flow. For the past year or so it has been mandatory to test games for the old interface as well as the NXE.

This is both time consuming, costly and restraining. And frankly, I wished we could stop testing on the old interface as soon as possible.

Now developers will be able to develop a more elaborate experience for the players.

Nineball21124002d ago

I'm assuming this is for people who already have the 360.

I guess ppl who prefer the blade look are going to be out of luck.

majorsuave4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I keep hearing about the "people that prefer the Blades look" but I have never met them.

Who are they? Where do they live? What type of games they play?

EDIT: Someone disagrees.... Wow, you disagree on whom I have met. How in hell would you know who I have met?

Agent VX4002d ago

I am considered to be an Xbot by many, even I own a PS3 and 360, and yet prefer my PC. But that aside, I have used the NXE for some time, hoping that I would like it better than the blades.

And to tell you the truth, I prefer the "Blades" over NXE. I could find things quicker for my needs, and I liked the layout better than NXE.

I am Agent VX, I live in Edmonton and I like Total War, CIV, Mass Effect, Company of Heroes, Fallout 3 and NHL 09 games.

Fowack4002d ago

but i must say you have a good taste in games.

heroicjanitor4002d ago

Some games might need nxe to work.

Pebz4002d ago

More likely an attempt at stopping piracy.

Kushan4002d ago

Pebz, NXE did NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to stop Piracy. All flashed consoles, even really old ones, still worked fine on NXE. You can even install the games and they're identical, copy or real.

bobdog6264002d ago

To the people without Enternet there going to get Slammed.They will really miss the boat this time.

majorsuave4002d ago

Why? The next game they buy will come with the NXE packaged on disc.

You should have said: They will hop on the boat this time.

Kushan4002d ago

Wait, what? Why? What's so bad about the NXE? The people without ethernet are the ones even less likely to look at the Dash, they'll probably hardly ever see it.

Enigma_20994002d ago

... whenever games on my PSP need firmware updates to run properly or whatever, they're included with the game... meybe it wont be as bad as you think...

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The story is too old to be commented.