Microsoft already working on the New New Xbox Experience?

The new Xbox experience launched November 19th 2008, and too much success and was pretty much universally considered better than the original blades system. Recently Eric Neustadterr, better known as 'e' from Major Nelson Radio, had a slip of tongue on the latest episode of Major Nelson Radio.

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dktxx25521d ago

Not having a 360 myself i don't get much time with the dashboard or whatever they call it now, but I honestly believe that there current one exceeds the blades easily in ease of use and fucntionality. However, its looks leave a little to be desired imo. If MS changed the dash again i would hope they would keep the same basic system they have now, but give it a better look.

mrv3215521d ago

Icouldn't agree more, call me a fanboy or what ever but I find the XMB easier, the xbox has soo many sub menus and everything, that's because it;s feature packed but this makes it diffucult

The PS3 xmb is cluter free for the most part and very easy to use... very minimalist but ideal, I hope sony doesn't change this.

I'd like the same system on the 360 like a MUSIC, Video, Photo, Social, XBL and gaming section. That's all you need full stop.

Monchichi0255521d ago

Negative opinions from someone who doesn't own a 360 and a self admitted Sony Fanboy??? LOL

Anyways, I think the new system is awesome!! Took a day or so to get usto but now I LOVE it! Hope they just add to it and leave it how it is. And how cool is it gonna be when we'll be able to operate it with Natal! Sweet!!

Munky5521d ago

How can your comments be taken seriously? That's like a game being reviewed by a person who never played the game, or a movie by a critic that never watched the movie, it doesn't make much sense.

Silellak5521d ago

The key difference between the 360 OS and the PS3 OS is the integration with the online system.

Its clear from as soon as you turn on the 360 that the OS is directly and seamlessly tied to XBox Live, so that you can quickly find out about new demos, XBLA titles, online events, and other such things. The PS3 XMB does not have the same sort of integration with PSN - you have to find and select the PS Store as an entirely separate option in the XMB.

For instance, if you put in a 360 game, you can easily check and see what DLC exists specifically for that game. Its all very seamless. As far as I know, the PS3 has no comparable option.

This isn't praising or insulting either OS, just outlining the primary differences I've noticed so far.

i3eyond the Circle5521d ago

NXE is there as soon as you turn on your 360 and is updated all day.

As for the "sub" menu comment.


Game Marketplace>>Videos, Demos, New Arrivals, Indie Games,Xbox Originals

All which each have a alphabetical browse feature.

If that is what you call difficult I'm sorry for your accident that caused you to go blind and paraplegic.

NXE keeps the people who aren't computer friendly updated.

Bnet3435521d ago

Yeah, they are. Twitter and Facebook and last.fm correct. I don't see what's wrong with these. It's better then releasing a new Xbox. I see Microsoft sticking with Xbox 360 and doing these NXE's for a while. It's nice.

iHEARTboobs5521d ago

I'd like to be able to remove my avatar and also be allowed to change my background color and window colors without having to buy a theme. Aside from those minor things everything else is fine.

No Way5521d ago (Edited 5521d ago )

Are you serious? o.O
The XMB has like 20 different options, with like 20 different sub-options.. each.

iHEARTboobs5521d ago

It's still easy (for me at least) to navigate. Everything is where it's supposed to be and it's not really hard to find. I still think the XMB is easier to navigate than NXE. That's just my opinion though.

mrv3215521d ago

It has an I counted 9 drop down subjects, you have you accounts which is fairly easy. Click to turn off, Create new user and then the users... That's easy and rarely used by me.

To the right we have a settings all nicely placed and easy to see... again very background.

Then we have photo's, you get a list of photos, the photo gallery feature and playlist with a simply tap of square you CAN quickly orginize them into date etc. Music and Videos ar ethe same and they are dead EASY to use.

Game you have your basics game data, which is easy to find and use with triangle to access you option, you have you saved data under that your trophies, game and then your demo or downloaded games which are sorted like the video, photo's and music section.

It's soo easy, within 3 click of x you could access almost anyfiles you want. It's simple, it's quick and it's soo user friendly. It's been like it since the PSP and I don't see a reason for them to change it.

y0haN5521d ago

NXE is good, but not perfect. The guide-button-blades are seriously laggy at times, and others freeze the console altogether. On startup, I'd rather it started at 'My Xbox' rather than 'Spotlight' or whatever. If I start my 360 it's to play games not to see your adverts. If I am bored I will have a look at them. XMB pretty much is the perfect UI for a gaming machine.

AAACE55521d ago

This article is all about the 360, yet people still find a way to compare it to the Ps3!

I like the current set up. And I am glad they left the blade system.

@mrv321... The Ps3 system you explained sounds like the blade system the 360 used to have, but on the 360 it hid alot of stuff from you like demo's, videos, contest, etc. Yes, it was easier to navigate... but it was also boring! The current setup allows you to easily find out about the new stuff that comes out.

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KingKionic 5521d ago

Ah nice. Hopefully this better then the one now. I love it.

da720izcumin5521d ago

ya...microsoft is going above and beyond for teh consumer this gen...
i wish we could say the same for the rest of the competition...

GiantEnemyCrab5521d ago

Agreed and I'm all for improving the look of things.

I still think they need to get rid of the grey giant blob that takes up 1/2 of the screen most of the time. It's such a horrible design decision I'm not sure why they decided to go with it.

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NovusTerminus5521d ago

I miss the old dashboard. I did not like the NXE.

LCF5521d ago (Edited 5521d ago )

I agree. The blades had a eject icon for the DVD tray. The NXE does not. I also agree that the NXE is too cluttered and the icons too big, I have 100 friends on my list and to cycle to the end takes forever with those damn childish looking avatars bogging it down. Maybe the icons would be smaller if the NXE was native 1080p? It's like MS thinks you're blind or something. I had no problems with the blades.

Silellak5521d ago

Why not just browse your friends-list from the old-style blades that come up when you press the Guide button? That should eliminate the headache of scrolling through so many Avatars.

LCF5521d ago

The NXE "dashboard" has a tendency to bog down and freeze. I would of taken the option of keeping the blades, however the option to download your games from DVD to the Hard-drive is not available.

Bnet3435521d ago

More people like NXE than hate it. So it stays. If you don't like it, STFU and GTFO.

No Way5521d ago

The blades are still there.. Just press the guide button.

@LCF -
Again, the blades are there, use the guide button, I believe you can eject from there.

Hobadoon5521d ago (Edited 5521d ago )

Would scroll through the avatar display of their friends list every time? That's ridiculously dumb and in no way time efficient (unless you're really bored and just wanna look around). Just hit the guide button to see who's on. Not to mention, do whatever else. The blade system is still there in a simple and compact way.

Act like you own a 360...

Out of my systems, I still prefer NXE over XMB. NXE integrates you into LIVE so well. XMB is still a pain to navigate at times (it has some serious sub-menus). I like the PS Store and PSN for that matter. I just wished it was more a "part" of the XMB (If that makes any sense).

Dah well... Back to the Uncharted 2 Beta...

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Gamer_Politics5521d ago

wonder how MS will change things this time around