EVE's Asteroids Get A Facelift

CCP Developer VanishingPoint has spoken about the upcoming graphical improvements to asteroids and ice content in EVE Online's expansion, Apocrypha.

In his blog, VanishingPoint goes into detail about the enhancements to the asteroids, which have been graphically untouched since EVE launched, unlike space stations and ships.

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Maticus4000d ago

Yet more good signs that EVE is still going strong!

Dorjan4000d ago

ah good. A thing that is often overlooked in most space sims is the 'roids. You see them more than anything else too!

AndyA4000d ago

Yay, about time the asteroids caught up with the rest of the visuals.

Medievaldragon4000d ago

I don't think asteroids and ... ice is enough of a facelift. There should be some more graphical changes than that

Vecta4000d ago

Well considering they updating the graphics for EVE near the end of last year, I disagree.

Fyzzu4000d ago

"Graphical improvements to asteroids" doesn't sound particularly impressive, but knowing EVE...