First (German) Review of Ninja Blade

Here is the first German review of the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Ninja Blade by FROM Software. The game got a pretty decent score and the reviewer describes it as "over-the-top action fiesta" and "a mix of the best elements of Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry and God of War".

Sounds good? Click link to read the full (German) review.

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Elven64013d ago

Thats really good, especially considering Ninja Blade falls under on those "odd" titles Microsoft publishes every year which tend to get little backing and pretty mediocre reviews.

kewlkat0074012d ago

....We only have like 1 good ninja series/franchise I welcome others...

ceedubya94012d ago

I'm looking forward to this. This game will probably fly under the radar.

Hiruma Youchi4012d ago

Not to chabby for a Software title. The demo was pretty decent also.

Obelisk924012d ago

The demo is fair IMHO. Controls are pretty good, but there are too much QTEs, and the spider boss is gay.

Anyway, good score, but I' m not looking forward this. I' m still trying to get NG2...

butbutbuttehcell4012d ago

"I' m still trying to get NG2..."
Have you tried a shop or the internet? I hear they're both suitable for buying 8-month old games.

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The story is too old to be commented.