LittleBigplanet Patch 1.10 now live

LittleBigPlanetoid writes "Patch 1.10 is now live, and weighs in at 22Mb. It went live early this morning (GMT time).
As far as we know, it's a data patch (as opposed to an updates patch - a cheese). Data patches contain new costume data, allowing you to see those costumes when you're playing online, for example."

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gigakain4004d ago

Failed to load level.

It took me a week to make it and Im so pissed Im done with this game.

Armyless4004d ago

Rebuilt it in 3 days once I knew what I was doing and what I wanted done (which is the real time consumer)

I checked all my current levels and they all work perfectly.

My newest published last night AFTER the patch is a tech demo of a TV screen, I THINK it's a first.

WildArmed4004d ago

Sorry 2 hear.
Im thinking of getin the game for mi b'day.
Hopefully it'll be cheaper by hten (12 days more)

maverick11914004d ago

fix the friggin online once thats sorted more people will play no one plays it because of the laggy online

Apocwhen4004d ago

This is the only reason I stopped playing. It's just too laggy any time I've tried. It makes your character skid across the map or making jumping impossible sometimes due to lag. Or when players are connecting you get this burst of lag for about 30seconds - 1minute which is frustrating. Am disappointed to hear it hasn't been resolved yet.