OXCGN: Death Tank XBLA Review

OXCGN writes: "Here is another game that I have added to the ever growing pile of mediocre Xbox Live Arcade games that I seem to be accumulating at a rapid pace.

While I haven't had the opportunity to download everything that Live Arcade offers, I believe games such as Castle Crashers and Street Fighter II have raised the bar for all other challengers to compete."

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XboxOZ3604009d ago

The game looks amazing actually. I was offered the XBLA token to do the review and passed it on, should have had a go myself actually.

gaminoz4009d ago

Looks like Worms is still unchallenged! I can't believe the longevity of that game, though the 3D didn't work so well.

Superfragilistic4009d ago

Why would I buy this when I could get Braid or Castle Crashes for the same price?

Only bigger rip off is that disastrous Watchmen beat em up I played last night.

Cajun Chicken4009d ago

Poor Pocket Tanks wannabe.

Godem4009d ago

fair enough, why buy this when you can get Worms for a way cheaper price?

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