IncGamers: Populous DS Review

Bullfrog's classic strategy title finally arrives on the DS. IncGamers' Paul Govan looks at the difference between a "reimagination" and a "reissue".

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Maticus4013d ago

Gotta love Bullfrog. Theme Hospital ftw.

Fyzzu4013d ago

Sounds rather good. Shame about the compromises, but I think I'd enjoy it, at least.

Dorjan4013d ago

This is a real shame, can no-one make an RTS on the DS? Is the DS to weak?

Dorjan4013d ago

I was just thinking, what I wouldn't pay for their old classic Syndicate for the ds!

Raf1k14013d ago

Syndicate Wars on DS would be awsome :D

AndyA4013d ago

Man, I loved Syndicate. I'd love to see it on the DS - it would give me a chance to dust off the old Persuadatron.