Xbox Evolved: "Stay Away from Xbox 360"

Xbox Evolved writes, "I think it would be wrong of us having less than satisfying experiences with Microsoft's hardware to sit back and act like nothing is happening. There are a few problems with Microsoft's hardware and new ones popping up to this day. Why would you want to spend $300+ on a console only for it to break on you in a year or less in this economy?"

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Jerk1204008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

And you call this an xbox360 fansite? You call yourself an xbox360 fan? You disgrace me.

snake-OO4008d ago

they are telling the truth

WildArmed4008d ago

Surprise Surprise

Not everyone who owns an xbox or has an site dedicated to it is a fanboy.. Im sorry, but some1 had to break the news to you.

Atleast we still know that xbox has good games. (even though I can play the better ones on PC, but still worth buying IMO) I mean, its good to have options ^^
(Wii doesnt count, i only play that when friends come over for casual fun, but my hardcore gaming is hogged by mi ps360.)

thereapersson4008d ago

STFU, Sleipnir.

You don't deserve to call yourself a fan of any console. You're a fanbrat if I've ever seen one...

meatnormous4008d ago

Isn't everyone allowed to express their feelings no matter what console they back? Is this still America? I think it is rather big of them to host a site and come out and say the things he said. You might be a blind follower of microsoft, but not all 360 fans are.

The Peoples ARMPIT4008d ago

All [email protected] deserve to get the RROD. If they are stupid enough to buy cheap sh!t then they are basically asking to get raped. Go on, run along and buy your 3rd 360, you know your time has come.

Can you smell me [email protected]?

borgome4007d ago

ahhh, isn't that cute, look at all the little PS3 [email protected] boys flocking to this article like a bunch of [email protected] sheep.

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dazzalfc4008d ago

A site actually showing some sort of honesty....i'm impressed.

Pandemic4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Death to all Xbox 360's!!!!....

Oh, wait............

Last time I checked, they were already dead.

4008d ago
4008d ago
StephanieBBB4008d ago

So he went out and bought a new one as sending the other one in for a repair :S

If thats not stupid enough he did it all for halo wars. Kids are so easily fooled.

Monteblanco4008d ago

The article pretty much recreates my own decision making. I was set to buy a X360 when I became aware of the RRoD problem. I obviously avoided the console and I still not sure how it can keep so much fidelity with so poor quality standards in manufacture and client services.

Nicolator4008d ago

i do kinda agree with the site ish. i am a pro xbox 360 fan.. my first 360 i hav had it from launch and its been good for 3 years till last month the disc refused to read again.. well i figured it was coming anyway it was way beyond its death period.. so i was not feeling so bad.. i got a new one anyway.. on the 27th gt the ps3 with kz2... and yesterday my brother's elite 360 rroded on him so i gotta buy him a new one.. MSi really hope this new jasper stuff is up to par coz .. seriously.. its not funny.. i love my 360 and will never wanna part with it.. even though i have a ps3 now .. but gezz man...its annoying..the next xbox they BETTER SORT THIS SHYT OUT.. i dont even wanna hear.. 2 percent failure it should be non existence

y0haN4008d ago

Why is the Xbox sitting on a towel? OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BREAK IF YOU DON'T LET IT BREATHE. Nobody denies RRoD exists but if you have it sitting like that (WHERE THE MAIN AIR INTAKE IS) you deserve to get it.

The Lazy One4008d ago

they are only 4 years late...

nix4007d ago

Mart and 360 sitting under a tree.
K I S S I N G. lol... q:

mart those red lights aren't woman's red lips...

Spydiggity4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

if the choice is spend 300 on a system that might break, or 400 on a system with no good games and a lousy online community, i'd say...get a pc

@y0han. i thought that at first too. then i realized he was probably using the towel to do the towel trick. i had the video on but no sound so i'm not sure what he was saying. but that's my best guess. the 360 generates a lot of heat though, it seems like he had it pretty well ventilated, but i keep my 360 in the open. there's nothing around it and especially above it to bottle in heat. same with my ps3. it's just good practice

pixelsword4007d ago

the more people buy a PS3, the more they find out that is false; That didn't even apply on day one for the PS3 because of Resistance: Fall of Man. Yes, games were slow to come out on the PS3, but the PS3 was never without a good game.

I don't even know why you brought the PC into the equation: every game developer seems to be running away from the PC nowadays, since only about three copies get sold before a million or so get downloaded from torrent sites. Getting a PC is not a viable solution for those who are cash strapped, only to spend hundreds more in a year or so, so the new game they get doesn't choke their PC because the video card that came with their PC has to be upgraded.

no-spin4007d ago

you are right about the crappy quality, but truth is the quality of the game library is AAA. For me the only way to enjoy the HD gaming at its maximum is having both consoles. I got mad when the RROD visited me, but i sent it to repairs and got some cooling devices (NYKO intercooler TS and a laptop cooler for the horizontal position. it is not pretty, but the games are, and i am a gamer, so whatever it takes to play on

edgeofblade4007d ago

"Why would you want to spend $300+ on a console only for it to break on you in a year or less in this economy?"


Because Microsoft is financially FALLING ON THEIR OWN F**KING SWORD to support a massively expensive warranty program. One BILLION dollars. Only governments cough up that kind of money on a whim. For those of you who day in and day out call out Microsoft to burn for their sins, this is what they are doing to answer for their crimes.

But for those who clearly have a vendetta against Microsoft, it's never enough. There is no such thing as justice... just mindless virtual mob violence.

Instead of damning Microsoft for their mistakes, I think I'll appreciate that they FURTHER subsidized my purchase to keep me playing. And they should know for DAMNED sure I would have flipped to Sony if they didn't pick up that tab.

One BILLION dollars. Do you not understand how much money that is? The last 4 generations of your family on both sides probably didn't make that much money in their combined lifetimes.

I know it's unpopular to defend Microsoft's actions and you are going to say I'm a shill. F**k it. I'd rather stick to my principles than devolve into an angry mob of blind haters.

rockleex4007d ago

People are calling Microsoft out because ITS ILLEGAL!!

You can't sell faulty products, especially if its over 20% failure rate.

Microsoft was supposed to do a callback the moment they "found out" how widespread this issue was. But they DIDN'T. Instead, they offered $1 billion to replace the consoles instead.

That's like a dentist knocking your teeth out, and then he replaces your teeth for free. Then a few months later he comes knocking on your door just to knock your teeth out again! Rinse, repeat.

Its illegal for a dentist to knock your teeth out, and its illegal to KNOWINGLY sell faulty products.

sarshelyam4007d ago

...see, you are the problem. It's nice to hear someone is OK with it...but you were only OK with it because you expected it. Since when does our hard-earned money equate to a lack of value because we "expect" something to fail? You see that Microsoft is creating a climate within this industry where 360 users are "OK" with their reliability issues? I don't know, I've never had a piece of hardware (aside from PC's) fail on me for any reason. I'm pretty OCD about the care for the system and I think that goes a long way.

I am not, however, ok with the fact that there seems to be this floating average anywhere between 19% - 45% Fail Rate on all 360 consoles. I'm also not ok with the fact that I'm amongst a user base that has a gross majority of 360 adopters actively hunting for Jasper units...and actually buying into the "fact" that Microsoft says this will fix the problem. What else are they going to say? How else are they going to sku those sales projections up even more? Anybody want to put some money down that the Jasper 360's are NOT the savior they'd like us think them to be?

Look, I'm happy with my launch day's been good to me, but I'm a collector. I don't like the idea that come the time to shelve this console...should I become nostalgic some 10 years down the road and dig this 360 should work. If I've done everything in my power to properly care and maintain my 360 Hardware investment...there should be, beyond a shadow of a doubt, no problems.

I don't know about you but I'm not OK with the perceived "standards" Microsoft deems ok in Hardware manufacturing. Their lack of quality control and consistent production has turned this industry and the masses of 360 users into a pack of gamers who are ok with sub-par support and problematic hardware.

madpuppy4007d ago

I only get exclusives for the 360 now and I ONLY buy them USED. All the multiplatform games I buy I get for My perfectly reliable PS3. Sony may be allot of things but, one thing that they do really well is make reliable consumer products. MS is known for making lowest common denominator software that ships with problems that they feel they can fix with updated to be first to market. They followed that philosophy with the 360 console and it burned them and screwed the consumer. just be glad that they couldn't put legally put an EULA that states they are not responsible for flaws in the 360 Like they do with All their software products. Heck, even with their processor for the 360 they told IBM to rush it out and if there are problems they would fix it in software. wow, real great business tactic.

evilmonkey5014007d ago

I am impressed by the brutal honesty. An xbox site saying "Dont buy an xbox, it will malfunction 100% guaranteed" is pretty dumbfounding...

olivia4007d ago

yes knew all along this article makes all the sense in the world ,don't spend your hard earn money on faulty hardware from a compony that doesn't care alot 4 their costumers

rogimusprime4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

my 360 died today right when i was playing wave 49 of gears 2 horde mode. I turned it back on and the screen went blue and black, turned it off and on again....and it red ringed on me. I thought I was safe(well more safe) since i got it refurbed from overstock.

I'm sending it back to microsoft, hopefully it doesn't take too long. I'm not happy about this s*** and am done buying games for this system. M$ releases garbage and the only reason they haven't been sued really good yet is because the economy is taking a dump. But this really pisses me off.....I had a 3 day weekend coming up and just renewed my LIVE subscription on TUESDAY.

i don't think they'll be crediting my account.

In the meantime, i suppose I'll play KZ2 or Warhawk since its only 20$ now....or I could actually be productive....nah.

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Johnny Cullen4008d ago

Only people in the UK will get this but anyways...

When they seen the article picture at the top, "Just Say No", was the first thought that came into your head Grange Hill? :D

dazzalfc4008d ago

I didn't think of it, but a work mate did, now he can't shut up about the bloody programme :D

Johnny Cullen4008d ago

Believe it or not, I only turned 18 in January XD

Why o why4008d ago

how'd you know about grange hill. You must have older siblings or something.

Biphter4007d ago

And the really cheesy song they made to accompany the slogan ;)

I'm 33 BTW

JayX6664007d ago

Its more than a lifestyle, it's also a state of mind :)

komp4007d ago

And to think I fancied Fay :/

Hail Ro-land ;)

SCThor4007d ago

Punky Brewster came right to my mind...

cayal4007d ago

lol @ this turn of conversation

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Nice try Sony fans, even liked the Killzone 2 plug :)

Why o why4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

we have skill dont we ;)

lighten up folks

SiLeNt KNighT4007d ago

jealousy isnt gonna stop the RROD buddy. or magically bring good games to the 360. its about time to face the facts and just buy a ps3. crying wont help you now, unless you go upstairs to your mom. maybe she'll be sympathetic and buy you a true gaming system that will actually last.

we wont judge you. dont hate, celebrate!

everybody congratulate 'JasonPS3' on upgrading his gaming environment!

NinjaRyu4007d ago

The PS3 fanboys & anti MS fanboys on this site are trying way too hard to try & bring down MS! As first it was funny to see you guys try year after year & fail but now just beyond sad!Oh weel keep trying, maybe you will bring down MS......................not.

You PS3 fanboys & anti MS fanboys really should stop trying to attack the 360 so much & just enjoy games for once! I don't why it's so hard for anyone on this site to do that. Like someone who said this 1,000 before me why don't you guys try being gamers not haters and stop worring about the 360 for once & just focus on Playing & enjoying games for once! It can't be that hard!

SiLeNt KNighT4007d ago

i find it funny how 360 fanboys got left out of your list of haters, dont want to self incriminate yourself uhh?

NinjaRyu4007d ago

in all honeslty the PS3 fanboys causes the most problems on this website & guys just try to much to throw anti MS or anyone that supports MS article too often on this site. Oh And I'm A 360 fan now? guess you must of missed my Wii Friend code! Oh what about you? You don't look like your making any non-MS bashing comments and were your tags for your other consoles because the only tag thats on your page is a PS3 one.

lol keep trying PS3 fanboy, your fooling anyone but yourself. Just face facts the 360 is here to stay just like the PS3 is & the Wii.

MovieScouse0074003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

You clearly only look at US sales figures, just like a xenophobic and ignorant Yank!

The PS3 is only bottom in the US sales charts because Americans buy American, no matter how absolutely awful and unreliable that thing is!

The X-Box 360 has a 33% failure rate. They have only sold so many 360's because you don't learn your lesson, you go out to buy a new 360 when the warranty runs out! Micro$oft has worked out a fantastic money making scheme. Build a shoddy product, sell it to gullible consumers and make them shell out for a new one when the original dies and laugh all the way to the bank. In spite of the recall costs they are making money hand over fist by charging you to play online! And the extended warranty only covers RRoD, not E47 or disc read errors, caused by components scratching the disc!

If the X-Box 360 was any good, and if it was actually a truly next-gen console I would buy it. It's neither. It's a cheap, unreliable, badly constructed, poorly conceived grey turd of a wanna-be console. The DVD delivery, 8. 5gb max compared to 50gb on the Blu-Ray, of games and the requirement for games to work without the clip-on hard drive are holding back next-gen gaming. GTA IV, Rage, Fallout3 etc are all a fraction of the games they could have been if they hadn't been multi platform!

It's time for Micro$oft to pull their thumbs out of their arses and actually make a decent, reliable and truly next gen console! What a shame they didn't throw their considerable financial weight behind HD-DVD, had they done so the 360 would have had a large capacity media delivery medium that could compete with Blu-Ray. They now only have DVD and downloads upon which, they themselves, impose a 350mb maximum file size!

They may well rue these greedy decisions. I hope not, because Sony and Micro$oft competing and pushing the boundaries of technology can only be good for gaming. Micro$oft cheating it's loyal (I don't want to say stupid but..) followers will only come back to haunt them in the end.

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mirroredderorrim4008d ago

This is surprising to say the least!

Is this sarcasm!? LOL?