Citroën GT Production Confirmed

GT Planet writes:

"We reported last December that Polyphony Digital's Citroën GT may actually be headed for production. That's now confirmed thanks to Citroën Product Manager Vincent Besson's recent comments to Autocar. Of course, no pricing or official specifications have been released, but we do know that it won't contain the futuristic fuel-cells that we've played with in GT5 Prologue. Instead, the French company will enlist V8 power from a GM or Ford motor, much like the one found in the concept that the car magazines have been playing with. As was originally speculated, production will be limited to no more than 20 units, so you'd better get those orders in right away"

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WildArmed4013d ago

Now, thats a car i'd like to own..
But.. i wonder if its fuel efficient
(yes that matters people, I dont want a damn Hummer)

Why o why4012d ago

just doesnt happen too often and i cant see this one being any different unless of course you're driving it in GT5, now thats efficient

WildArmed4012d ago

lol! yeah, an electic power car!
It looks realistic enough :D (GT i mean)

thereapersson4012d ago

Go ahead -- source from FORD, and watch your fuel pumps fail...