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"Killzone 2 is by quite possibly the greatest game on the PS3 so far. The game looks incredible, it controls well, the campaign is epic, and the multi-player is addicting. What more could you ask for in a first person shooter title?"

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RememberThe3574008d ago

Shoot, I think it's the best game this gen. But Killzone 2 has pushed the PS3 to a new level graphically, and the online is killer. Truly worth the price of admission.

Slinger4204008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Yea, the game is awesome and I'm loving it. Ony disappointment is the lack of a free for all deathmatch mode. I mean seriously, what the hell is up with that? I was never one for team based games, not even team deathmatch. I always liked to shoot everyone and I hate having to look aroung a map searching for an enemy. I like to find someone and take them down, plain and simple. I'm just glad the game is finally here in all it's EPIC GLORY, it's such a relief.

DK_Kithuni_714008d ago

I absolutely love Killzone 2 but where the hell is the "player against player" deathmatch mode?

na2ru14008d ago

the duration of each match to 15-20 minutes for 1 game type

The Peoples ARMPIT4008d ago

Very good score for an amazing game.

Can you smell me?

maynu14008d ago

killzone is the best game in the world so f**k 360

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