Next Firmware Possibly Revealed?

HyDRo1X writes "Since the launch of the PS3, there have been numerous complaints about everything that the PSN is missing. A perfect online community is what gamers expect from their console when they hop online. Now currently, there hasn't been any console to deliver a full online experience at its best, though it would be considered that Xbox 360 is doing it right and closest to having the best online experience. Now there might be something amazing coming to the PSN."

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40cal4006d ago

I like the way that the interface looks, its very sleek. I guess we will find out soon enough.

Wenis4006d ago

I can tell by the pixels.

Jake the Muss4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Unfortunately this is not real. PS360OWNER is right, this is just little more than a fan-made design that was posted on the Playstation Forums a few weeks ago.


Xulap4006d ago

Yeah, they're as fake as it can be.

HipHopGamer sucks so much.

thor4006d ago

It's fake.

BUT it goes to prove my point - it's the UI and the OS of the PS3 that people would like improved, NOT "PSN". Though most people don't understand the difference between what they see and use and the actual network service and what it offers.

Of course it's too late to implement these features now because they would have had to have been implemented from the beginning so they could be in all games.

cubehouse4006d ago

Blimey, HipHopGamer takes a fanpic of their idea for an xmb and takes it as news?!... I recognised it immediately.
Their website is consistantly full of rubbish

StephanieBBB4006d ago

I just want to be able to talk to my friends while they are in for example a killzone2 multiplayer session but the server is full. It sucks to have to msg them and tell them that the server is full so I can't join in, and after that they have to check the mail and replay back that they've got that wasting time that could be spent on gaining rank instead.

I don't find anything wrong with the layout of the XMB, just want the PS3 to be able to multitask better.

Real Gambler4006d ago

C'mon, I know you need hits, and I know the best way is to get a fanboy writing articles for you. But it's your whole site that suffer now. You are loosing credibility so fast, it's not funny.

This article is about Sony's next "possible" firmware, and the article is about how paying $50 a year is good for Xbox, how good the Xbox is, what Sony should do to look like the Xbox, and finally, in the end, a few fake pictures. The more people waste their time on your website, the less hits you will eventually get. Sorry, but HyDRo1X has to go soon!

paul-p19884005d ago

as good as they look, they seem fake, the fact they say 'View Throphies' instead of 'View Trophies' makes me think that way...

Ozzyb4005d ago

But, I'd rather not give Flip Flop Gamer Show the hits. Not that that is what he's looking for or anything. :P

---SLUG---4005d ago

Whoever approves this guy and his friends is a disgrace to N4G. Go to the homepage, really. This garbage blog from some nobody is a TOP-3 article here on the site. Pat yourselves on the back. Newsflash! ITS HIM THAT GETS THE HITS ON HIS SITE. WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO YOU OR ANY N4G USER?

Cicinho4005d ago

Even if this is true, how many games are going to support it? Everyone cried to get custom music and then we got it for like 3 games an no one even mentions it again.

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PS360OWNER4006d ago

A guy on the playstation forums created this whole entire interface
to show it off to sony its not real.

JD_Shadow4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Sony DID have the wrong version of initializing for a while on the US Playstation Home log in (they has a S instead of a Z). So it IS possible that it IS real and Sony made another typo here, too.

JD_Shadow4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

I was just saying a typo alone (especially when Sony has done so before) doesn't necessarily make it fake, just like I would say that just because these pics might indeed be fan made doesn't necessarily mean that Sony isn't working on the features (we HAVE been hearing about the 2.7 rumors that continue to float around, after all).

It's not like I said the story was completely accurate or anything like that. I just pointed out one thing (which, by the way, Sony DID do. Anyone that was in the closed beta of Home would know that they used what I think was the UK spelling of "initializing" in the US version of PS Home during some if not all of the closed beta).

PLEASE learn to READ before slamming the disagree button!

-EvoAnubis-4005d ago

I saw the thread on the official forums when the guy who made these mock-ups were showing them off. That was WEEKS ago . . . whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

sinncross4006d ago

its got a PC vibe to it...
not bad at all, as long as the XMB is kept the way it is.