XboxGameZone: Naruto: The Broken Bond Review

XboxGameZone writes: "Hyyyaaaa! Kwwwaaaa! I am a Master Ninja, black belt at Nokando (no-can-do), slayer of demons and monsters! Now whilst that may not strictly be true in terms of my personal Ninja prowess, it can at least be partially realised in a boyish way with Naruto: The Broken Bond. I'll be honest with you, I didn't have a clue what this title was about, and it could have easily been a case study of a defective adhesive for all I knew. But I have now been educated in the ways of Naruto and indeed the way of the ninja; I have come through stronger, wiser and believe it not quite entertained!"

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Nakiro3999d ago

The picture there is from the PS3 game and not from The Broken Bond. Just throwing that out there.