Spider-Man3 Game Animations

Here are a few Battle Animations that you can watch. It's from the new Spider-Man 3 Game Coming out in May, 07.

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THWIP4242d ago

It looks like something from the PS2, a few years ago... definitely not next-gen. Treyarch sucks. :o

LSDARBY4242d ago

Complete crap to say the least

PS3n3604242d ago

no shadows, crap environment. looks pretty bad. I am surprised really.

THWIP4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

....and not from gameplay. It's the crappy quality of the animations, and the (typical) ugly art/design of the background that shows just how pathetic Treyarch is. This IS NOT something that should have been shown to the public, particularly this late in development, and as little of this game that they've shown. If you're going to show stuff to promote a highly-anticipated title like this, or show off your work, this is NOT what you show. Just pathetic....laughable.

Sphinx4242d ago

So, even if it barely looks better than what it did on the original Xbox, I'll still buy it and have a blast.

smokeandapancake4242d ago

I totally agree. Spider-man 2 was a blast, and even if it's just a little better I'll love it.

PureGamer4242d ago

its the gameplay what matters

THWIP4242d ago

...but then Treyarch has proven they really can't deliver in that area either. Spider-man 1 was all about the combat, and so the webswinging suffered. They tried to make up for that in S-M 2, but the combat and side missions had to suffer, because they focused all of their attention on webswinging. USM was crappy in general, with generic story, crappy webswinging, and ugly-ass cell-shading BS. We'll soon see what had to suffer, for them to make up for past failures, because they can't manage to make a complete game.

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The story is too old to be commented.