RealGamer: Ninjatown Review

RealGamer writes: "Ninjas are known for many things. They're sneaky, they're fast, they hide in the shadows and they kick some serious butt! We've all seen the image of the slender ninja, dressed from head to toe in black, emerging silently from the darkness only to stealthily assassinate the unaware enemy with a sleek cut to the throat with nothing but the sound of knife edge slicing through the skin. Ninjas are brutal, they're tough … one thing they're NOT, is cute … right?

Well Ninja Town for the Nintendo DS casts doubts on that assumption and offers something a little different to the usual violent, blood bath, martial arts genre. Based on the Shawnanimal franchise, Ninja Town does away with death and destruction, pain and suffering and replaces it with the cutest little Ninjas you'll ever see! They're scared of the dark, they bake cookies and they just want to live in peace! But there's always someone wanting to spoil the fun, and cause a little trouble, isn't there?"

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