Venan Entertainment Announce New Development Team

Venan Entertainment, perhaps best known for the critically acclaimed, BAFTA-nominated Nintendo DS title Ninjatown, as well as the top-selling iPhone/iPod Touch smash hit Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition, will continue its traditional work of developing high-profile AAA franchises for major publishers.

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SpoonyRedMage4967d ago

Good for them. I think they should look at the DSiware as well.

PS360WII4967d ago

ha you certainly have your eyes locked in on the DSiWare ;)

But yes more developers are always a good thing.

SpoonyRedMage4967d ago

Well yes but also specifically for these guys because they have the DS dev kits and are now going to publish their own stuff and DSiware is a good place where a small company can publish their stuff.