10 DS strategy games worth waiting for

There are plenty of PC strategy game specialists who are keen to move onto DS, and their work will be key to ensuring the DS fulfills its potential as the thinking gamer's console. Pocket Gamer has listed the 10 DS strategy games they are looking forward to most. Could a new wave of quality strategy titles convert even more people to the DS?

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jpod4640d ago

That's one game that I want. Been hearing about it and all the hype, I want to see what it's all about. Looks interesting too.

PS360WII4640d ago

I've been waiting forever for a Sim City to come out on DS. Advance Wars DS will be a winner just because the ones on gba were really good. Spore will be pretty cool as well. Wonder what that one will end up as?

jpod4640d ago

was too into Spore, and forgot about this game. Advance Wars was one of the few reasons I got my GBA. I can't wait for this game too. Good series and good to see it on the DS.

BoneMagnus4640d ago

I love Advance Wars - and even AoEmpires. The stylus works great, and these games appeal to the more mature gamer as well.