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Assassin's Creed is coming to the Xbox 360

Assassin's Creed is coming to the Xbox 360. It's one of those secrets no one is supposed to know about (like Halo: Forerunners) yet everyone does. Sources close to Ubisoft have informed 1up that the game will definitely see release on Microsoft's platform -- even though the company still refuses to admit the game's inevitable multiplatform fate.

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FamoAmo6565d ago

It was at E3 at the Sony booth on a 360 dev... Anyway this is great news this game looks like a good 1. I bet it is being developed on the 360 dev kit right now anyway and then is going to be ported to the ps3!!

greenlynxx6565d ago

Oh look, now we all get to share in the goodness. Group hug!

deepio6565d ago

lol, I like you're attitude, after all can't we all just get along...

Moostache6565d ago

This has to be the worst kept "secret" in the last 6 months...

I don't know how long until the game comes out, but the videos shown on whatever system it was running seemed pretty cool. The problem I had was controling the player from some of those camera angles shown may make a beautiful game unplayable at times. I think we all tend to forget that the niftiest videos and trailers don't mean squat if the final release gameplay and camera angles are screwed up...

Either way, nice to see the "secret" is out...<bracing for the onslaught of fanboys to dispute this and start blathering on about MGS4 and DMC, blah. blah, blah>

The Real Deal6565d ago (Edited 6565d ago )

It shouldn't be a surpris to people. Many games were ran on the 360 as in much of them will be on multi platforms. And Most games will be ported from the 360 to the ps3. 360 has much more power and ease of use with the 360. When my friend told me it was running on a 360...I knew Microsoft wouldn't allow that UNLESS it was also coming to the 360. I was right.

Ru6565d ago

To: All the hardcore SONY haters

The Real Deal6565d ago

lol...I second that. I get my info first hand and common sense...Not Prayers and wishing.