Top Five Nintendo Wii Exclusive Games

Thanks to the record-breaking sales, the Nintendo Wii has plenty of exclusive games. A majority of those titles aren't very good, however. Here are the top five exclusive gems that you can only find on the Nintendo Wii.

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Shnazzyone3518d ago

I'd personally drop zack and wiki and replace it with mario kart but zack and wiki needs everything it can get to get a vew more sales so no complaints.

Smacktard3518d ago

No de Blob?

I know most people won't agree with me, and I don't expect them to, but I found de Blob more entertaining, fun, and funny than Mario Galaxy. I do think it should, at least, be on that top 5 list!

crck3518d ago

de blob is also on PC so maybe it didnt' qualify.

Cheeseknight283518d ago

The PC version is more of a demo.

Smacktard3518d ago

The PC version is nothing like the Wii retail game.

It'd be like comparing those crappy Mario flash games to... Super Mario World.

hatchimatchi3518d ago

pretty good list. I wish fatal frame would make its way over to NA though, i've been dying to play that game.

Mahr3518d ago

"The third game fixes many of the minor issues from the prequels including reduced backtracking and more combative gameplay"

Meh. I personally thought those made the game a little weaker than its predecessors, but different strokes, I suppose.

I probably would have included BlastWorks: Build, Trade, Destroy on there.

ape0073518d ago

super mario galaxy it's easly one of the greatest games ever made,period

Fr0ZzZeN3518d ago

I disagree. Lacked the wow factor of Super Mario 64, obviously hard to replicate given the wii's dated architecture. Also enjoyed Mario Sunshine more than Galaxy

tippygip3518d ago

Galaxy had more then enough wow simply with the level design, the best I've seen in 3D.

LazyDevs3518d ago

Maybe you shouldn't state your opinion as a fact. The game is just meh at best IMO.

WiiJunkii3518d ago

"Maybe you shouldn't state your opinion as a fact. The game is just meh at best IMO."

Adding "IMO" to the end of your statements does not absolve you of the need to be credible. Nor does it validate your opinion.

That would be like me saying
"LazyDevs' smuggles Mexican midgets in his jumbo pantaloons IMO".

I still have to be accountable if I make a false claim.

Mario Galaxy was incredible by the way.

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