Telegraph: Championship Manager 2009 Preview

Telegraph writes: "'What is that?' I ask, as I'm handed a sheet of paper. On it appears to be a football pitch, but it's obscured by great swathes of red and blue arrows, pointing this way and that, seemingly at nothing in particular. "Exactly!" exclaims my guide, "What the hell is it?"

The man I'm talking to is Roy Meredith, General Manager of Championship Manager. Meredith, a lifelong football fan and stalwart of the video game industry, has been transferred in to Eidos to revitalise the fortunes of the ailing football management sim. Once a title that was synonymous with football and ruined relationships, Championship Manager has been, by Meredith's own admission, in poor form for the past few years. Ever since original developers Sports Interactive defected to SEGA to create Football Manager, Championship Manager has been perceived as second best. The key, says Meredith, is to realise where the game was going wrong."

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