61 FPS: Killzone 2 single-player campaign review

61 FPS writes: "There may be hundreds of them, but first-person shooters can really be broken down into two categories. The first type of FPS is marked by a strong balance between play, narrative, difficulty and pacing. If that balance is good enough, the game warrants a full playthrough. The other type is competent and even entertaining, but it's just one more game with a gun. For one reason or another, maybe the challenge isn't engaging enough to keep me going, maybe it's the story, this type loses my interest long before the credits roll. Guerilla Games' Killzone 2 almost falls into the latter camp for me. Had it not been for the demands of this review, I never would have finished the game.

"I'm glad I stuck it out though. Killzone 2 stumbles in its first half. Unwieldy controls, awkward combat dynamics and an unfocused, impersonal narrative are a lethal combination. But during the game's back half, everything gels. It just takes some time to get there."

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M-Easy3520d ago

"Had it not been for the demands of this review, I never would have finished the game."

You pretty much lost everyone with that statement. I hope you don't consider yourself as a journalist.

G-DOG3520d ago

freakin bring custom control layout scheme please. Also what the heck is it that u cant invite friends to a game. All u can do is join a game and dats crap. I know u can create a game but it would be nice that after that u could invite plp or have a dam lobby that u wait in and invite ur friends then from there choose a game king of like call of duty. F*#K man are these freakin features that hard to input in a game. what crap. along with me plenty of buddies on my psn list want this. I HAVE A BUDDY ON MY LIST THAT HAS ONE ARM, YES ONE ARM HIS LEFT. He likeS to not only switch 2 a lefty style layout but to change around the buttons cus it helps him since he only has one arm, his left arm. but cus the idiots at GG only give u a few options and dont let u customize the control layout he dicided not 2 play it at all cus its to dam hard 4 him. I ask y the F&#K NOT HAV IT. Its beyond me why this and the in game friends invite dont exsist. DUMB AZ GG FIX THESE 2 THINGS DAM IT!