Darkstation: Savage Moon Review

Savage Moon is a tough game to categorize because it is a tough game to really explain. It does have its moments with some pretty cool action, and some upgrades to mix up the way the towers work. It is a well put together game, but it isn't quite the game Darkstation was expecting. They were expecting a tower defense game because that is how it was described, but it was almost certainly more of an RTS that just focuses on the construction small towers. Some people could find fun in this game, but sadly they didn't enjoy their time with Savage Moon too much or too often.

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Dark_Overlord3517d ago

What do you think a TD game is? Could it possibly be a game where you BUILD TOWERS, and usually just towers. Not being funny but I don't think this guy has ever played a TD game before.

If it was more an RTS like this guy suggests, then I would be expecting to build units and gather resources, none of which you do in this game.