New Resident Evil 5 boss footage

reHorror managed to get some Resident Evil 5 footage due to be released on Capcom's official site a little early. This shows the first boss fight against an Uroboros monster.

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360 man3614d ago

WoaH those graphics are insaane

Heldrasil3614d ago

Just wait for a PC port and with one MOD, all those tentacles become flesh toned penis tentacles.

Arsenic133614d ago

I wonder whats its name is.

Heldrasil3614d ago

"Uroboros"...from past videos, it looks as if this may be the infected form of Ozwell Spencer (the old man in the wheelchair from vids).

STARS3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Uroboros looks eerily similar to the Leech Man that kills Hursh in The Hive from Resident Evil Outbreak File #1.

Heldrasil3614d ago

I read somewhere that it is the same virus as the Leech Man (he is in RE:0 as well) and the leech queen (RE:0 also), it's just a more violent form of it...this game is probably going to thrown in every virus/leech/plaga we have seen so far.

STARS3614d ago

I was unaware of that, that actually explains a lot, thanks for clearing that up. Bubbles up.

Arsenic133614d ago

Uroboros is the location, isnt it? It isnt a monster.

Heldrasil3613d ago

Don't know why I am getting disagrees...I am not saying any of the previous posts are "fact", it simply things I have read in the last year on the game.

I do not think that "Uroboros" is a location, in mythology (anything from Greek to Norse with varying names including Leviatan/Jörmungandr/Ouro boros) there are parallels of this "creature" as the "World Serpent", I am sure you can find a crap load of info on google...heres a bit of Capcom trivia: a boss by the same name also appeared in the original "Strider".

It seems to me (I am not stating fact here), that it would be fitting of a creature and not a location. Could be wrong, could be a location, could be a virus, could be Wesker's third leg.

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d_dogg20073614d ago

WOW with all the hype surrounding killzone 2 i completly forgot this game is coming out

Reshun3614d ago

I was actually hyped about this game more than Killzone 2 and I still am.

nycredude3614d ago

Does anyone know if they are changing the controls in the full game. Gamestop told me that they are changing the controls for the full game because may people complained about the demo controls.

Snatcher3613d ago

I thought the controls were great, I did not have any problems. I have played the RE5 demo for many hours now, i'm addicted to it. Co-op is fun, aswell as single-player.

Arsenic133613d ago

Dont listen to GS. They know NOTHING.