What Needs To Be Added In Killzone 3 writes "Killzone 2 is finally out, after the walloping amount of hype for the last couple of years the verdict is right in front of the noses of all their loyalists who have vociferously defended the game on all its fronts. After playing through the game three times on three different difficulties, we thought of compiling a list for Guerilla Games on the things that needs to be included in Killzone 3 making its experience top the current feeling of adrenaline and jubilation."


*Spoilers In article*

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Sevir043523d ago

but i would love some Co-op, 2 to 4 player online co-op would make this game even more amazing!!! yep.

Nice3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I think a patch/update can fix that stuff up, Bungie did a similar thing with Halo, something related to the online stuff which was added later on...

A question though was Split-screen abandoned to keep the quality of the game intact, would GG not be running two Killzone 2's on the same machine?

terrandragon3523d ago

Two different campaigns for co-op would be great! One for normal single player, and one for co-op.

phosphor1123523d ago

It's just so powerful, I don't think they have the proper coding to get it to run in split screen like that without making the screens dinky ass hell, like in COD WaW.

Agreed though, that would be awesome. We'd probably see that in KZ3.

beavis4play3523d ago

just 2-player please. i don't think four would fit the game as well.

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Baba19063523d ago

the game is awesome but a splitscreen mode would make it even better.

Myst3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Nothing much really, a few updates weapon wise, character customization wise I suppose and just a story to boot is all. Keep the ability to play music in the online aspect!

Sayai jin3523d ago

Playing music during any game should be the standard.

On topic, the game just came out. Let's just enjoy this game and let GG work their magic.

Myst3523d ago

Heh doing that right now on multiplayer enjoying every second :).

geth1gh3523d ago

watch out guys, in the boss battle part of the article there are spoilers if you haven't beat it yet.

Myst3523d ago

Thanks for the heads up!

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The story is too old to be commented.