Killzone 2 Major Hype, Bad Launch

Killzone 2 Has an amazing amount of hype surrounding it and no less of that hype upon its release date. It's unbelievable that few people showed up to a couple select GameStop's across the US. Though we can't be to certain about how well it did until the first weeks sales chart is released; hopefully sales pickup during the weekend. I did happen to see a decent amount of people at Target since it always opens earlier than any GameStop.

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Darkiewonder3611d ago

He must not been around when Majority of Gamestop had to cancel the Midnight launch. It's not like people will drive many hours just to one location that still is doing a ML. anyways. midnight launch or not the game will do just fine.

3610d ago
PimpHandHappy3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

so by Midnight im sleeping

i love how the gamestop guy always says

"you wont be able to find it if you dont pre-order"

its why i dont go there
the one time i seen a team of ppl selling 360's to ppl! When i say TEAM i mean ppl sent by MS! Not the ppl that work there because i know them! 4 ppl sitting at the door like used car salesmen

btw let me add
This game just went on sale 24hrs ago! Remember MGS4? It didnt tear up records but it is sitting at 4.5 million sold! All i know is a lot of ppl on my friends list are playing KZ
sales are for losers with no lfe
enjoy the game

RememberThe3573610d ago

I just finished it, and it was great. It should do fine.

Simon_Brezhnev3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I mean i was cool with hip hop gamer site but now all these people with the bias articles are getting ridiculous he need to go back solo. Most ps3 gamers people dont shop at gamestop we go to amazon and get discounts and most ps3 gamers are over 18 so we do have a life

robep33610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Paid £32.99 for mental tin version delivered day before launch and here in the UK Sony are showing loads of TV adverts for KZ2,MS-PR and LBP on 5-6 times at night here on various channels.!!!!


madmike3610d ago

ps3 sheep dont buy games. but all like to talk sh.t

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jadenkorri3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

did any ps3 games yet have a midnight launch, i can't recall any at all, but most 360 game seems to get a midnight launch, by the way, the GS/EB that i picked up had no Killzone 2 advertisement other than the game being on sure it was lucky to be on the shelf at all... they had halo all over the damn place thou... by chance i also watched the lastest uptoday episiode of gametrailers...(couldn't sleep)... the 360 games and wii games were talked about, not once did they mention any ps3 games upcoming or anything, and they were talking about Halo wars... very disappointed in that show at this point...

PS how is delivery with Amazon in canada, anyone know?

Anon19743610d ago

I've seen it a couple of times now this past week. It's nicely done. Best video game ad was still the Gears/Mad World ad, in my opinion.

Picked up my copy of KZ2 yesterday but only had 1/2 hour to play last night. My local Ebgames (who I'm used for years and have never had any issues with) were sold out within 2 hours. Only the pre-orders were left for people to pick up. Can't wait to really sink my teeth into this game. The lighting, the physics - I've never seen anything like it. As a 360 owner as well I honestly don't think anything on the 360 I've played or see on the horizon comes close. I guess that should forever put to rest the questions of the PS3's graphical prowess..but it probably won't. "but..but..but...multipla tforms are always the bestest on the 360!" Yeah...hasn't been the case since 07.

staub913610d ago

I had to go to 7 different stores in order to find a place where every copy wasn't sold out....I live in North East Indiana, so its going well here.

godofthunder103610d ago

Here we go again.Ps3 fanboys making up excuses as fast as you could blink an eye.They have some ps3 fanboys claiming that ps3 fanboys don't go to midnight launches or ps3 fanboys don't buy their games at gamestop they buy them from amazon.The fact is that they don't know where in the hell the majority of ps3 fanboys buy their games and that's a fact.Instead of making up lies they need to act like they have brains and stop acting like 6 year olds.

Unlike the MGS series i don't hate kz2,as a matter of fact i wish it was on the 360.Unlike ps3 fanboys i don't have an orgazim over it.The fact is that KZ2 is a good game with great graphics but it didn't do anything for shooters or game period.It's just a great game.Ps3 fanboys need to stop acting like it's the greatest game ever made because it has pretty graphics.Graphics are the last thing that makes a game.I would play a game with graphics like a super nintendo then a game with graphics like the ps3 and 360 if the story and gameplay is better.

I just don't understand ps3 fanboys.They claimed Uncharted was the greatest game made then they claimed it was MGS4(A game series they stole from nintendo by the way)then LBP and now it's KZ2.I like to know what game that the ps3 have that's coming out this year they will claim is the best game ever.It's the same thing over and over with ps3 fanboys.They sound like a broken record.

I'll agree with ps3 fanboys that uncharted and kz2 are great games.On the other hand the other 2 sux.First we have's a childish game made for a kid and that's a fact.Then we have MGS4,a game that sony satole from nintendo not long after they came out and that's a fact,along with ninja gaiden and some other ps3 exclusives they have to day.I never did like MGS4.It has the most stupid story line of all time and isn't worth a sh*t.But it's on the ps3 so naturaly they claimed it was the greatest game made when it first came out.If KZ2,MGS4,R1&2,and LBP was 360 exclusives ps3 fanboys would say they all sux and that's a fact.

For exsample.When oblivian was first released and it was a 360 exclusives a ps3 fanboy proved my point.He posted that oblivian suxed.He also said that it isn't worth the money and he would never buy it and it was over rated.When the same game was ported to the ps3 the same ps3 fanboy wrote a different post.He said that oblivian was a great game and he recomended that every ps3 fanboy buy one.Talk about a hypercrit.

syanara3610d ago

gamestop would not be my choice for ordering or buying a game id rather use best buy cause I always see bad news from gamestop.

Sheikh Yerbouti3610d ago

...before I nestle in with KZ2 for my Saturday off. I played an hour into the campaign and I'm so far as easily impressed with KZ2 as I was Gear 2, which had an awesome beginning with the Brumaks.

Graphically it is definitely impressive, but not the enormous leap from the 360 the internet has made it to be. Still it is the best looking game I have have seen on a console. I like being able to eavesdrop on conversations held by UPCs, and the character models are very detailed. I just wish I could have customized Sev's appearance (low priority for a FPS).

Lucky me - I just picked up the second to last game from Best Buy. I'm sure a lot of people are enjoying shooting up the Helghast in Central Indiana. Of the six closest Gamestops in my area, one doesn't have it in stock and two only have 2 or 3 copies in stock.

Mozilla893610d ago

You can usually pick out his articles cause they're the ones that have the sensationalist headline designed to get one set of fanboys angered to draw hits lol.

At any rate I don't know how bad the launch was but when I went to pick up my copy at Walmart yesterday night they were all sold out except the guy happened to find one copy lying around.

Danja3610d ago

well luckily I had mine pre-ordered so I was safe ,but I had 2 friends who had to drive all to find copies of the game so I wouldn't say it was a bad Launch ..seems like the game sold out in alot of in San Diego...

SolidSnake933610d ago

Has anyone at ever considered that people buy games at other places. I bought mine at costco $53.99.

ia_studio3610d ago

everyone who still plays COD4 multiplayer will see hi/her friends playing KZ2 and will end up asking what's so cool about it will see will buy, at the end the greatest selling point of KZ2 is the MP.

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ape0073611d ago

sony you should advertise the hell out of it

if ms had kz2,im 100% sure that you'll see ads on moon

faisdotal3611d ago

ive seen a a few ads still

still no bus banners tho

rogimusprime3611d ago

should fire their marketing dept. There should be billboards up like there were for GTA. I saw littlebigplanet KZ2. I walked into target and picked up my copy, no one else was there, there were about 5 copies left.


IdleLeeSiuLung3611d ago

It looks like the Sony fanboys are doing pretty good at advertising and supporting the console just fine. It seems the Sony loyalist are rabid on this site.

Kyur4ThePain3611d ago

What exactly was the point you were trying to make?

XLiveGamer3611d ago

lol that's true i agree with you 100%

Bnet3433610d ago

I have not seen a Killzone 2 commercial and I already seen a Halo Wars commercial. That makes nos sense. Who the fvck is in charge of the ad department at Sony. MAKE SOME DAMN COMMERCIALS FOR YOUR GAMES. What a joke man.

ape0073610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

is just smart,they know how to advertise,how to get in your HEAD

ms has some magical ways to promote thier games

sony this is kz2,one of the biggest games this gen

and no one's coming,gimme a break

sony will lose this gen if they don't advertise and pay for 3rd parties

ms know how to secure 3rd party games

1-gta 4,very good LAD and another "unknown" DLC,this should make sony cry,maybe the 2nd dlc will have a new city,new sitting,new easy to drive cars,sony fanboys you can't twist this,gta 4 dlc is a big deal
2-fallout 3,not only runs and looks better but also have exclusive dlc

3-dead rising 2,exclusive experience in 360 version

Megaton3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

It wouldn't be a PS3 exclusive without a bad launch and worse advertising.

I've seen 10x as many Halo Wars commercials as I've seen Killzone 2 commercials. There's no excuse for the severe lack of publicity on major titles, especially when you're competing against Microsoft. During the entire month of September 2007, Master Chief was in every commercial break on every channel with a statistical young male audience, and plastered all over miscellaneous products such as soda cans.

It's been almost 4 years since fans started buzzing about Killzone 2 after seeing the original E3 trailer, and they allow the game to launch with 1 commercial that seems to rarely get any playtime. When their big games fail to hit high marks, they have only themselves to blame. They continue to allow everyone without their fingers on the pulse to go on their merry little way without even knowing their games exist, and then scratch their heads when public opinion of the PS3 is poor.

RememberThe3573610d ago

When was the last time you saw Sony push hard for first day sales? Sony is not Microsoft, they do things differently and they always have. Sony will keep ads going for another month or two while we'll stop seeing Halo Wars ads a week after the game launches. They just do things differently.

Oh and by the way, I have not seen any ads on TV for Killzone 2, but my friend who doesn't even touch videogames said hes seen a number of them. So, just because YOU don't see the ads doesn't mean they're not advertising.

Qdog3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I remember calling around to four local gamestops here in New York, and they were completely sold out within three hours of opening. The Gamestop on base was sold out, the gamestop right outside of post was sold out, and the gamestop in watertown and salmon run mall were sold completely out of Killzone 2. I got blessed and picked up the second from last copy at Walmart. As for ads, I saw the "follow the leader" type traveling bullet killzone 2 add five times today on TV. I dont think this title will have any trouble selling. Thats just my personal opinion from weighing the facts. Eight of my friends that were online were playing KZ2, then I came back to the XMB and all 23 friends were playing.

Viatrophy3610d ago

I've seen the KZ2 advert so many times now, it's starting to annoy the crap out of me. The advert isn't actually even that good, which is a shame. :(

SolidSnake933610d ago

As far as advertising goes SONY has actually done well. When I arrived at Lima's airport, Jorge Chavez, the first thing I saw was a huge banner that said PLAYSTATION on it. With LBP and Killzone characters poised around it along with a GT car.

specialguest3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I have not seen any KZ2 ads or commercial yet. This could be because I only watch the sci-fi, national geographic, discovery, and other learning types of channel. hmm...

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GrabthroatShinkicker3611d ago

I had my copy delivered to my door... Thanks Amazon! Screw GameStop.

cellypower3611d ago

Yea Amazon FTW! O ' well back to killzone 2.

Max Power3611d ago

this was the last game i am getting from gamestop other than PS2 games. I pre-ordered and payed in full to get the demo, before i knew that EU would get it anyway, but i learned my lesson.

2EXS3610d ago

when I found out that they were't doing a midnight launch I cancelled and bought it from walmart.That's what they get 4 not doing a ML

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-EvoAnubis-3611d ago

is playing it. I haven't seen that happen since GTA4 came out. KZ2 is doing fine

cellypower3611d ago

Same here.About of 50 ppl on my friends list was playing it.

Voozi3611d ago

Yea I played KZ2 majority of my time on my PS3 today, and majority of people on my fl are playing it as well.

solidt123610d ago

I have more friends on my list playing Killzone 2 than when GTA IV and MGS4 came out. wow.

Sanzee3610d ago

What like all 20 of you on PSN?

callahan093610d ago

Yeah, everybody on my list is playing it, as well, except one guy who I met in Home that is never doing anything besides Home or Life with Playstation (which I gotta say, I find really odd that you'd have a PS3 and never use anything but those features!) ... And one of my good friends who just got Street Fighter IV, and he's the type of guy that doesn't get a new game until he platinums the one he just got, so I think I'll continue to see him in SFIV for a while before he gets KZ2, because that game is tough and time consuming to platinum.

-EvoAnubis-3610d ago

Don't you mean "20 million?" What happened? Ran out of fingers and toes to count with?

SolidSnake933610d ago

He was trying to make a joke that the guy only had 20 friends on PSN, because he believes that only supercool people have loads of friends on PSN and that if you don't have a lot then apparently you don't spend enough time on the internet to be cool

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WeaseL3611d ago

Most intelligent people ordered it online and got it a day early , like me.

cayal3610d ago

Don't mistake impatience for intelligence.