Spawn Kill Review: My World, My Way

Molotov Cupcake of Spawn Kill writes:

"In the real world, pouting gets you nowhere, unless you have a gullible significant other or friends who would do anything for you. But would they change the entire shape of the land for you? Would they silence monsters from casting spells? Would they increase the drop rate of items from said monsters? Not likely. Luckily, in Atlus' My World, My Way, pouting can and will get you everywhere. This light-hearted but wholly strategic RPG is one of the newest from Atlus's usual fantastic lineup, and a breath of fresh air in an age of games where most storylines make you want to, well, whine a little bit."

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crochetacake3613d ago

Atlus usually makes some decent stuff...might check this out

Sakumas_Kuma3613d ago

I played this for a little while, haven't finished it yet but it's alright. Nice review!

SpoonyRedMage3612d ago

I thought this looked quite good and Atlus usually make good games but it got pretty mediocre reviews. But considering it's a JRPG it may be a lot better than people give it credit it to.

ihaten4glol3612d ago

I thought Elise's story made for an interesting plot device.