Is Bill Gates learning from the modding community?

Microsoft maybe interested in embracing modders. A lot of interesting data came out of Ars Technica's interview with Matt Lee, a Microsoft software developer in the Xbox division. The nice thing about Matt Lee was that when the interview was over, he answered some questions in the discussion. A lot of it was clarifying points he made in the main article, but then he shared this story with

""...allow me to share a related story. A little over a year ago, one of the people in my group modded an Xbox, installed Avalaunch, and put all sorts of Xbox mod scene apps on the box, like XBMC, RSS readers, etc, along with some "backup" games. :rolleyes: He brought this box along to a meeting with Bill Gates. Bill saw a demo of this, was quite impressed, and asked something along the lines of "How can we engage this community?" - instead of saying something like "How can we squash this?" It's long been on the back of everyone's minds in the Xbox group - how can we get students and hobbyists involved without disrupting the console business model? The good news is that it's still on the radar, we'll see what happens in the future."

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MoonDust6185d ago

To be able to destroy him. Or at least to block him from online.

shotty6185d ago

Microsoft doesn't hate modders, look at windows if they want they can prevent pirated windows from running on your computer but what do they do instead they prevent you from accessing the betas. They are fine with modding an xbox but when you start pirating games then the developers get worried then Microsoft has to jump in and stop that. What you need to know is developers will make games aslong as they make money, they won't make a game if people buy bootleged ones, which in turn would mean less developers making games. This is why MMO are popular on PCs it's because the money is made through subscription fees and not much on the actual game since it's mostly downloaded :). Since more and more people are dependant on xbox live for media and other entertainment microsoft can use it to fight piracy.

Marriot VP6185d ago

XBL online modders can suck my cahones

DG6185d ago (Edited 6185d ago )

I want to record on my 360. And no I dont want to buy a WinMedia PC + a new video card to do it. If he wasnt so greedy and made the 360 a viable substitution for TiVo PS3 or any console would stand no chance. IMO MS is doing the same thing with Win Media as Sony is doing with Blue Ray and both have their heads up their @$$!

USMChardcharger6185d ago

as far as the TiVo is suppose to happen with direct tv. It has been said that at some point they are to add a direct tv blade to the menu.
don't know when or if it will come to be, but it is suppose to.

Grown Folks Talk6184d ago

i just started working for direct tv. my trainer said he has actually seen how the deal is going to play out. word is you'll be able to stream content, get on demand content, and hd downloads through the 360. a 100gig hard drive for storing that content would be nice. if i was microsoft, i would drop the 20gig to $30, release a 100gig for $90-$100, and put out the hd-dvd add-on for $100. just me though.

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