WorthPlaying Review - 'Big Bang Mini'

WP writes: "Big Bang Mini is a new, somewhat quirky shooter for the DS, wherein you pilot a small triangle that fires fireworks at various balloons, creatures and other oddities to collect stars and max out your level meter, allowing you to move on to the next stage. It's definitely a different premise than other shoot-'em-ups, but genre vets will realize that regardless of the trappings, there are a lot of similarities between this title and other top-down shooters.

There's not much of a story to get involved in, and all you need to know is handled by the thorough, but quick, tutorial that then unlocks the versus and single-player mode. In single-player, you'll be presented with nine different locations, each with 10 stages, including a final boss battle, where you pilot your triangle on the DS touch-screen. The controls are all stylus-based, and you'll pilot your "ship" by dragging it around the screen with the stylus, while you try to avoid incoming fire and the fallout sparks from any missed fireworks that you've launch."

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