Warhound Footage

Polish studio Techland (Chrome, Call of Juarez) unveils Warhound, their new FPS on PC and Xbox 360, and offers three gameplay videos (hosted by Even with Crysis in mind, the graphics are very impressive.

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FirstknighT4295d ago

That is seriously impressive!!!

THAMMER14295d ago

reminds me of 007/far cry. So far looks welcome in my collection.

ImTheNumber124295d ago

Some aspects of it look good, others not so much but I know the first thing I thought is this is what Far cry should have looked like. This isn't something the 360 needs badly (more fps games) but it's not like you can have too many games. On a side note, if I wore gloves like that, I'd shoot myself.

candystop4295d ago

This game looks like crysis to me without the suit! The world looks great and everything but I swear this looks awfully familiar! I guess the good thing is that now we know that 360 does have DX10 capabilities which I think is very cool!