Need For Speed: World Online Interface Revealed

Here is a preview screen shot from Need For Speed: World Online. Also, there is a bit more info from the producer of NFSWO.

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SalvatoreLeone3524d ago

WOW looks really good. hope the gameplay is also good

The_Truth3524d ago

Thr Truth believes this will be the Need For Speed game we have been wanting for a long time.

Gun_Senshi3524d ago

Need For Speed

Old_School_Gamer3524d ago

Agreed truth. I cant wait to play this on my new gaming pc I just put together thats hooked up to my 42 inch tv thats hanging over my fireplace. I have a Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver, so I can use my 360 wirless headset, controller, or steering wheel. This is gonna be sic!

The_Truth3524d ago

The Truth will see you on there ;)

Old_School_Gamer3524d ago

Until then, the truth should hit me up on some Motorstorm 2 or Burnout and get pwned before this game is released.

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