Car worth $100 in a racing MMO

At last count, EA's free-to-play racer Need for Speed World had garnered more than 10 million users. The publisher is hoping some of those users have deep pockets because the latest premium car for the online racer does not come cheap.

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No_Pantaloons4070d ago

That's appalling. Sadly not surprising though, since feeding corporate greed only leads to more outrageous gouging.

ambientFLIER4070d ago

Appaling???? It's a free game, and nobody is forcing you to buy the car...

SKUD4070d ago

DLC cancer is rapidly getting worse.

Hufandpuf4070d ago

That car better be able to ______ _____ _______. Fill in the blank.

morkendo4070d ago

ok, hufandpuf

it better be like the DELOREN go back in time,able to fly,
0-88 mph in 3 to beat BUGATTI VEYRON top speed.

aman84r4070d ago

It would be fun to see someone defend and justify it.