Killzone 2: An in-depth level-by-level technical analysis by Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry, a company run by actual game developers with exceptional technical knowledge, have run Killzone 2 through an in-depth technical analysis using advanced image capture and analysis equipment.

The results of the technical analysis are available on their website. They have included some superb quality videos to which they have added relevant notation as a guide to the viewer.

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Credit url:Beyond3d
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Real Gambler3523d ago

This is an awesome analysis... But heck, the demo is now available in N.A. as well. Don't care about frame rate, aliasing, or anything else.

This game ROCKS. Very long 16 hours to go before I can get my hands on the full game now.


MNicholas3523d ago

This kind of analysis really delves deep into the engine and tells us just how much of it is real-time and dynamic and what's faked. The results of the analysis are utterly mind-boggling.

If you like technology you owe it to yourself to read the article and view the videos.

aliveinboston3523d ago

Thanks for the link!

My fav line: "In terms of the look, feel and execution, it’s easily the best shooter available on consoles"

Was there any doubt? Now we have official word on it.

Real Gambler3523d ago

But to me, the best is still playing that way too short demo. Best smoke effect I ever saw. Picking up my game in 4 hours now...

Leio3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Very nice videos...

BTW.. So few new news??? not even pending news its like everyone is busy playing Killzone lol :D

thehitman3523d ago

Are they spoilers lol? I didnt watch them because they were talking to much about the game already <.<. I have to pick my game up later...

xg-ei8ht3522d ago

At least the person making the comments is truthful, not fanboyism here.

Just honest comments about what is happening per scene.

There are some low quality textures apparent in places.

There are some high rez textures apparent in places.

The lighting is the most impressive, i've seen on any machine.

Darks with the lights are amazing. Really adds realism.

What's funny is, the person loves the later levels most. I think the level after the demo one, is amazing.


I gotta say this anyway.

I would love to see this game on PC, I think it would take over FPS pc gaming easily. Plus you could have higher textures and more aa if needed.

Would make an already amazing shooter look even more amazing.

JustinSaneV23522d ago

I find it amusing that everyone is praising this article yet the same ones thrashed another analysis done by the same company.

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