9.6 - Killzone 2 Review

Read what has to say about the 4 years in the making Guerilla Games title; Killzone 2.

"Even in the face of the unrelenting media and the titanous pressure piggy backing Killzone during all it's 4 years in the making, it succeeds in what it set out to do, creating a definitive PlayStation 3 experience."

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Johnny Rotten3548d ago

I know everyone's saying 4 years and thier probably right but I just wanted get out there that one of the Devs stated it was "3.5 years sorta... 2 years on full production". check out 12:35

can't wait till tomorrow!!

shadowfox3548d ago

another good review! seriously, i haven't been so hyped for a game since MGS2(and what a disappointment that was).

talltony3547d ago

Sorry but MGS2 is one of the best games of all time with or with out raiden.

Qorious3548d ago

Now all of a sudden we're starting to see high 9s and 5/5s for KZ2.

edwineverready3548d ago

this game deserves about 9.

shadowfox3548d ago

I think a couple of the low scores were just to get hits from all the angry ps3 fans... kinda sad some outlets have to resort to that =\

shadowfox3548d ago

Can't wait for tomorrow... Time feels like is passing as slow as it did when I would stare at the clock in 6th grade math class.

Snatcher3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Because, they did not like it for some reason. Why would Edge be after hits, when they have plenty of hits from before?

According to you fanboys, everybody who give it a 8 and under, is after hits. But, many of you have not even played the full game yet, so how could you know it deserves better? When Edge gave it a 7/10, PS3 fanboys were bashing the magazine, but they had not even played the full game yet. So how does that makes sense? You think a game deserves over 9, based on the short demo you have played? Come on, you must play the full game to know if the game truly deserves 9+.

PotNoodle3548d ago

Ok, half way through the game, over 7 hours of game time online - i'm going to give the game a 9.5 if i follow the industry's current messed up way of reviewing games.

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