OXCGN: Killzone 2 Review: PS3 exclusive raises the FPS bar?

OXCGN Writes:

"So in the end, I'm sure a lot of people reading this review from an Xbox-oriented website are wondering one thing: is it worth splashing out on a PS3 for this game?

If you're a first-person shooter fan, Killzone 2 is an essential purchase. Guerilla have crafted a game able to stand high with the likes of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 (I count Bioshock as a different genre) as the leaders of the current generation of FPS. Killzone 2 is an exceptional title with possibly the highest production values yet witnessed in a game, and an early contender for Game of the Year."

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Godem3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Killzone 2 is awesome!!!

Good job again OXCGN doing another Sony review :) I look forward the next 'PS3 Exclusive 'review :)

My only negative really with Killzone is the weird joystick controls AND the fact your character seems to be a midget...

REALgamer3525d ago

I noticed that - everyone else seems to be a lot taller than you!

Maybe you just always walk around in combat stance??? After all, no matter where you are you're always holding your gun out.

I'd be nervous if I was the main guy's teammate, with him always pointing his gun at anyone he's looking at with the safety off.

Godem3525d ago

gah its not just the guns out, even when your team mates are shooting or enemies you are still a midget...

Killzone isn't the only game to do this, I just find it weird and annoying.

SupaPlaya3525d ago

This is how you do a review with class and integrity. Take that EDGE.

XxZxX3525d ago

at least OXCGN got class. Those who approved and wrote Killzone the most returned games ever, shame at you.

Sevir043525d ago

lol!! fanboys fine something to bicker about all the while.. btw nice review. game sites should do this more often.

GarandShooter3525d ago

'the fact your character seems to be a midget...'

Yeah, but it makes the 'gnawing off a kneecap' melee so much more believeable... :)

Props to a gamer reviewing a game. Alex is a class act. OXCGN's credibility is through the roof.

AXIS of Reality3524d ago

Good to know my review was helpful. =)

SL1M DADDY3524d ago

When an Xbox site can out-review a site like Edge. Sorry Edge, but you fail.

Good review and coming from an Xbox site, it makes it easier to trust that they are being faithful to us gamers in their review since they have every chance to be overly bias and yet they were not.

marinelife93524d ago

Cats and mice can be friends. If Tom and Jerry ended up being buddies then I guess an xbox site can give an honest and classy review out of just the love for a good video game.

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Immortal Kaim3525d ago

This is the thing we don't see in the gaming industry anymore. Exclusive games seem to become the battle ground for fanboys on either side.

This is the game that will push me over the edge, I will be getting a PS3 as soon as I save the money.

Big Respect OXCGN.

Major_Tom3525d ago

This is probably going to catch alot of flak. I commend you though! Awesome review!

Superfragilistic3525d ago

Agreed. That was a damn good review that knew that it was putting itself into the firing line (so to speak).

Big kudos to OXCGN for the extra effort to address the issues raised by biased parties on both sides of the fence. Most sites carry on like it doesn't exist. Nice to see a site address that stuff head on and then properly justify their views clearly and concisely. :D

Why o why3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

good 2 see ya

killzone online has already taken 8 hours of my life. sad, im finding it hard to put it down. Once you've adjusted its proper lively.

Ive said it many times b4 but....

kudos to team OXCGN. Even if they hated it i'd still listen to what they had to say and respect their opinion. many other 'gaming' sites could take note.

REALgamer3525d ago

I reckon we're all winners at the moment whether you own a 360 or PS3 - you've still got an awesome game to play.

I'm lucky enough to own both, and can honestly say my time is shared between Killzone 2 and Halo Wars equally as I love them both.

More console-specific sites should do reviews for the big exclusives on other platforms - it gives some perspective alongside the games reviewed on the primary console of the site.

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