Sony Comeback in Japan? PS3 sales up 108% (Wii down 23%)

PS3 sales are up 108% this week due to the release of the long-awaited Gundam Musou, which managed to sell 180,000 units. Capcom's mega-hit Monster Hunter Freedom 2 has now sold over 900,000 units and PSP sales also remain high...

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D R Fz5864d ago

I expect sales and pre-orders of Ps3 to increase globally.

OldSchoolGamer5863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

Preorders are over in the US and Japan but in Sony's "Europe" maybe. PS3 is sitting on every shelf here in Chicago, Illinois and 4 Best Buys, 3 Targets, and 3 Wal-Marts. I called around and asked about Wii's in stock and PS3 (purely out of curiosity). PS3 can be found right now, they are everywhere so if you want one, go pick one up. *sigh* haven't found my Wii yet. As for Sony only playing my PS2 currently (God of War 2), and my Xbox 360. God of War 2 made me dust it off again. Haven't really seen anything worth buying a PS3 for yet. The blu-ray is nice, but I get a video game system to play games. Resistance looked good but not enough to shell $600 for another shooter. VF5 got me close then they told me no online (come on arcade fans demand this!) and Motorstorm looks very good graphically, but from the reviews I read seems more a short rental. So, still waiting for actual good games. GT4, Lair, White Knight, and MGS4 seem more saliva inspiring, but an on-line where I can play second life/sims, just doesn't inspire me to get one. Release Lair, White Knight, and MGS4 today and we can talk. Sony its about the GAMES and GAMES you can play online, but here is a telling statistic, Sony PS3 (hardware) total sales= 754,250, Xbox (hardware) 360 total sales = 359,250; now im not great at math but thats better than 2:1 which is impressive. Now look at the software sales totals, PS3 = 949,750, Xbox 360 = 1,044,000. This should change sharply which the Gundam fans in Japan but thats telling. A system despised by the Japanese which has sold less than half as many systems has sold more games. ITS ABOUT THE GAMES SONY (good ones with depth), release some and I, like others, will pick one up.

PS360WII5864d ago

Today was a good news day for the PS3

AuburnTiger5863d ago

And it didn't even have to use its AK

MySwordIsHeavenly5864d ago

There's no stopping it now!!!

spacetoilet5864d ago

Remember! This is only the very early stages. This is the beginning of what I'm guessing all the xbox fangirls are all fearing. Continuation of a dynasty.

sonictenor5864d ago

Nice to see that DC is still listed on software totals for this week.

As for Sony we are seeing the start of PS3 climb.

uxo225863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

Didn't they say sales were up THIS week? WOW in one week people are already touting this as a Sony comeback. Also, a come back from what? Their sales deficite to the Wii, uh.... check the numbers, I would hardly calling selling 45,000 consoles more than an opponent that has a 1 million console lead on you a comback. Not to mention with Wii sales being down 31% they still sold 15,000 more consoles than the PS3 (based on the charts for hardware.) This is actually a perfect time for Sony fans to just sit and watch, and hopefully it will continue. This way, if the bottom drops out again, you don't have a bunch of people clowning on you for blowing your load too soon. Anyway good for Sony, I am glad things are showing slight signs of improvement. Keep it coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.