Steve Polge on Epic's future plans writes: "Steve Polge is the lead designer on Unreal Tournament 3, and a veteran of all things Unreal. Last week we spoke to the man himself at Epic Games' HQ in Cary, North Carolina, while checking out the new Titan Pack expansion. Read on to hear his views on the FPS genre, Epic's future plans and the potential of handheld gaming."

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Avto3525d ago

A good man, funny though "The technical decisions we made are perfect for the PlayStation 3, the 360 and modern PCs" well they are far from perfect for the PlayStation 3.

somekindofmike3525d ago

I don't even understand what you're getting at with your PS3 dig? unreal tournament on PS3 is awesome! just like the 360 & PC version!

@below, I totally agree Unreal 2k4 is the best one, I've spent so much time playing that game, brilliant fun!

Product3525d ago

ps3 has even fewer servers then the pc version.instabig was almost none existent on both

Rich16313525d ago

I really like EPIC games. Gears of War and Unreal Tournament are ace.

Old_School_Gamer3525d ago

Gears of War sucks compared to Unreal Tournament. Ive been playing Unreal Tournament for almost 10 years, I dont know why people are just now talking about it.?

Lich1203525d ago

Im not sure thats true. I think most people consider Unreal 2k4 as their best. Well, I do at least, and it seems most people I talk about it with do also.

But if what you say is true then I feel bad for people that started with Unreal 3 (I still enjoy the game mind you).

Product3525d ago

I love unreal 99 but 2004 is a close second although i know people might disagree.

ut3 just wasnt that innovative compared to 2004 for me and there were never any servers.

Voiceofreason3525d ago

I hated UNreal 2k4. It was the worst game in the series ever. What hurt it was being built on the PS3 then ported to PC. I spent 8 hours patching and adding programs just to get the game to run and even then it would only do online matches, never saw the campaign. From now on any game built on the PS3 will be a game I pass on. Not worth my time to have to do the level of work needed just to get the game running when if they had used a PC first I wouldnt have had a single issue. Not buying another game gimped by the PS3 and its ultra hard development process.

somekindofmike3525d ago

strange because unreal 2k4 was never released on PS3 and was actually released before PS3 was even out,

I think your confused with UT3