6M Blu-ray Players May Be No Sure Thing

As the economic storm clouds grow darker, consumer electronics manufacturers are looking at a handful of growth categories - including Blu-ray Disc players - to hedge the industry's bets, but one major retailer told TWICE that he fears the category is still not the slam-dunk some perceive it to be.

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HighDefinition3615d ago

Is doing fine for a new format, all new formats take time usually.

The economic state is the only thing hurting it.

People love HighDefinition. (lol)

Mr_Bun3615d ago

Of course it is doing fine, but it has been at least a week since the last "Blu-ray in trouble" it was due.

UnwanteDreamz3615d ago

I agree with both of you. I just wonder how long it will be around before this BS stops.

miasma3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

but I only buy a select few movies on BD. I have a DVD collection of over 300 movies and I am not replacing them for BD because there is no need to. There are a few i did replace with BD, but even when I buy new movies if it is a movie i don't need 1080p for (like a goofy comedy or something) i would rather spend less than $10 for it on DVD. Any action movie, I get BD. So for people like me adoption rate for BD could be a snails pace for quite a while...

Plus, I buy all my BD on amazon and eBay, so they are almost the same price as DVDs.

UnwanteDreamz3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Phuck VHS, Betamax all day Sony FTW.

Marty83703615d ago

Notice how the article fails to mention the 21+million PS3 owners.