Skate 2 DLC revealed, release date leaked

StalkingSilence of PlayStationLifeStyle writes:

"Thanks to the Hong Kong PlayStation Store team's proclivity for releasing information early - we know when the Skate 2 DLC is being released (in HK at least). Since the DLC is in English for Hong Kong, we could see it hitting here in North America at the same time as well. One of the packs was offered as part of a limited pre-order special, but we don't really know much about the pricing."

<<< N4G UPDATE: San Van Classic Pack will cost $4.99 USD >>>

Read on for more info about the two packs and their release dates:
- Skate 2 : San Van Classic Pack
- Skate 2 : Throwback Pack

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StalkingSilence4966d ago

I contacted EA to try to get some more information.

StalkingSilence4966d ago

IGN did a Skate 2 DLC preview had a little to say about the classic pack:
“More appealing is the San Van Classic Pack, which includes three remastered areas from the original Skate. The elementary school, parkade and community center. All three are similar to their original parts, but each comes with brand new challenges. What really makes these special is that you get to revisit three areas from Skate 1 with all of the new abilities of Skate 2. Go to the school and you’ll be able to move the benches and rails to create the perfect grind session. You can get off your board now, a bit of an assist for some of the stairs in the parkade, and you can easily pull off Hippy Jumps. Basically, everything you wanted to do in Skate 1 can now be done.”

Woo! And now we know it should be coming out this week! Plus the throwback pack next week.

wolfehound224966d ago

sweet sounds good I need to pick this game up sometime

T3mpr1x4966d ago

As long as this has more content than that laughable film pack, I might just pick this up!