GDC 07: LittleBigPlanet Preview (IGN)

Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3, LittleBigPlanet is the epitome of imagination. Even in the presence of Home, Sony's impressive new community software, LittleBigPlanet stole the show at Phil Harrison's "Game 3.0" practice conference, and was the thing that everyone was talking about. To read the complete preview follow the link below....

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n4g sucks4267d ago

little voodoo dolls runnin around doin crazy little things in a paper made world with nuts bolts and springs!! do they bite??? i wish i had one for a pet! i'm very impressed with the artistic look of the game( the rag dolls look great) even my girl-friend wants to play, she says it reminds her of a lemming type game(puzzles which she likes) which is good because if she's playing, i wont feel guilty when i do.(11:30pm-4:00am)

techie4267d ago

How come the Brits are making all the good games for the ps3...Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, LittleBigPlanet... (or based in the UK Resistence..) Everybody loves ussssss lol

coolfool4267d ago

Yeah had the same thought my self......

techie4267d ago

And with Phil Harrison...I'm starting to view PS3 more as UK and Japan and US...whereas I see the 360 as the US and the Wii as Japan...

jpod4267d ago

i watched the HD trailer on gametrailers and this game looks like fun. this is now officially one of the reasons why i want a ps3.

PS360WII4267d ago

I like it! I can see why this was a show stealer from them. User created worlds with many different ways to go about and constantly changing. Oh yeah this'll be a hit

Bad_Karma4267d ago

This looks amazing and personally i`m not much one for platform type game but this i could play .. this i will definitely be playing .

you know what they say deepb ..if you want a job doing proper .. do it yourself ;)