Rumour: Video capture and YouTube uploading on its way to LBP

LittleBigPlanetoid writes: "We've had a news tip come in from a Canadian reader who says that on February 23rd's episode of the Canadian show EP Daily on G4 Tech TV (, YouTube video uploading is hinted at coming to LittleBigPlanet."

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borisfett3617d ago

This isn't a rumour. Media Molecule stated a loooooong time ago that they would be adding YouTube uploading features to the game at some stage.

Jamegohanssj53617d ago

Hell I thought that this feature was supposed to be in day one.


borisfett3617d ago

So did I, but for whatever reason, it was delayed.

Great game regardless.

Snoogins3617d ago

I'm more interested in online co-op level making, which was supposed to be a week-one patch, as well direct-from-HDD image importing. Just seems to me they want to tackle everything other than the feature I want.

whoelse3616d ago

This would be so cool! And it should boost sales of the game.

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OhReginald3617d ago

I love youtube and i love littlebigplanet.....this works out well for me.

PotNoodle3617d ago

This is one amazing feature that is built into the PS3's operating system that many dev's don't use, i really don't get why they don't use it - it is all already there done for them, they just need to configure it to their needs.

LuvBurger3617d ago

Has anyone else had a similar situation with their levels as of yesterday, where no matter how many times you re-publish it, it doesn't show up??

Also, I noticed that all of the levels that were on the first 2 pages of the cool levels page are gone as well.

I'm sure this is really frustrating to a lot of people who have put in a lot of work on these levels. Myself included.

myothercar3616d ago

Your levels can no longer get featured as new by republishing them. New levels now have their fair amount of exposure.

BenCrazy4243617d ago

It should be in a firmware so that you can do it with all the games for the ps3. I would use it and I know it would be great to use on a tv at playstation home whenever it comes.

PotNoodle3617d ago

It is in the firmware, but because of things like copyright and the fact the devs all program their games in different ways they most likely can't make it universal.

But it is there, in the firmware for the devs to enable and configure to their game.

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