Afro Samurai Demo Report (PS3/360)

The game is running at native 720p for the both systems with the 360 version incorporating the use of 4x MSAA, the highest form of anti-aliasing the system is capable of. The PS3 version on the other hand, uses Quincunx AA - a technique known for producing the same kind of edge smoothing as 4x MSAA, but at the expense of blurring the entire texture.

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Why dis3573d ago

Almost looks the same other than the lighter PS3 version with much of the detail missing(lines in this style art is lacking on the PS3 version)

xg-ei8ht3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

That's because it's lighter in this screenshot.

Put it on the tv, they are exactly the same. or close enough.

Anyone who has a ps3/360 knows this.

As for x4aa, vs Quincunx AA

They are actually very close.

PS3 Quincunx AA is a faster approach. Takes less of a hit.

360 X4AA is slighty cleaner, but needs more power.

As for depth of field, that would depend on how you go about including it.

There are a few ways.

-EvoAnubis-3573d ago

Why the hell are we talking about a demo when the full game has been out for weeks?

riksweeney3573d ago

I haven't played the demo yet. I really should get around to it but the lure of SF4 is too much.

360 PIMP3573d ago


Dragnipur3573d ago

Such noble words from the 360 Pimp... May we stand in awe at your utter stupidity! ----> Head left for the troll zone!

wicked3573d ago

That is right to the troll zone ----->