IGN: Should You Buy Prime?

When Nintendo announced its "New Play Control" line, which will bring some of the best GameCube titles back to Wii, including things like added motion control, IR support, 16:9 display, or the like, IGN was of course right there with them in wanting more people to enjoy some of the best of the best on the little purple box. IGN has now got US versions of New Play Control: Pikmin and New Play Control: Mario Power Tennis in their possession, but both of them pale in comparison to Retro's own New Play Control: Metroid Prime, which brings back silky smooth IR control from Corruption, and blends it with the classic GameCube title that to this day ranks among the best looking software running on Nintendo's new console.

But will you play it?

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GUNS N SWORDS3526d ago

never had a bad time with any of the metrioid games.

GVON3526d ago

definitely,3 was awesome with the wii interface,and I'd love to play it again with the new controls

ape0073526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

it's very good to see old game get new life with controlles(and an enhanced gfx)


nintendo should have plans for the next big HD non-wii(wii 2 HD or something) metroid game with mp3 amazing motion controlles

anyway,this new MP1 is a must buy for any metroid fan out there,it's simply delicious

Xander-RKoS3526d ago

Why? The Wii hasn't even out half as long as the gamecube, and it's still selling strong. Nintendo has no need to be at any where beyond the conceptual stage for their next console.

Right now they are probably trying to find (or maybe they have) some other developer to make the next metroid game (since I heard Retro was no longer working on it).

ape0073526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

nintendo hands down has some of the best minds in developing games

retro studios

zelda team

mario team

just look at the industry and how TECH really affect everything

these golden minds in nintendo need tech to prove that they're the best

im I right?

Xander-RKoS3526d ago

But Nintendo functions on the philosophy: Lateral thinking of Withered technology. Meaning, finding new ways to use old and reliable tech. That's pretty much how they've been since the gameboy.

In other words, Nintendo doesn't need the most advance tech or even that high of tech to create brilliant ideas. I'll believe they'll keep working with the Wii they have now until they completely run out of ideas and then make the Wii 2 with some other crazy idea.

ape0073526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

n64 was way more powerfull than ps1 and keep in mind that,turok 1 coudn't run on ps1,turok 2,goldeneye,high res graphics with the expansion pack,zelda:oot PERFECT DARK

when gamecube was nearly released,nintendo was showing a tech demo of the gamecube,it was mario 128 if you remember,128 mario modle run,jump etc at the same time

resi 4,eternal darkness,MP1 and 2,mario sunshine were easly some of the best looking games in ps2\gc\xbox 1 generation


Xander-RKoS3526d ago

I didn't say Nintendo refused to use the a more powerful machine than anyone else, I just said that they use more reliable tech. That's why Sega had to market their consoles with things like "blast processing" (it's also ironically why Sega fell out of the console industry).

Also, the advantages to using older tech is that you can optimize coding and such to make a game look beautiful even though the machine it's running on is not as powerful.

ChickeyCantor3526d ago

" hese golden minds in nintendo need tech to prove that they're the best "

Not really, if they can do amazing stuff with what they have now, they are proving enough.
Then its obvious that they would be better on better hardware.

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Unicron3526d ago

Shameless cash in? Yes.

Chance to play a GREAT game? Yes.

If you haven't, well, play it!

xabmol3526d ago

But it's still kinda cool, I guess. Nintendo has a WAY BIGGER audience now, and they are games everyone should play. I won't be getting 'em though, I played 'em last gen.

I can never play last gen games. I have to skip one. I have to forget about a game and what happens in it, in order for it to be fun again. Right now it's PS1, N64, GBA, and back. I have played ICO recently though...

infamous_273526d ago

I've never played this before, is it more similar to MP2 or MP3?

WiiJunkii3526d ago

I would say its a little more like MP3, especially with added IR support.

MP1 w/ new play control will probably be the best in the series IMO.

I think MP2 was the most challenging, but I felt that the environments weren't quite as stunning as in the other two titles (MP3) especially.

MP3 was hard as hell by most people's standards, but probably the easiest in the trilogy.

If you liked either 2 or 3, you'll love the original MP.

Great design, and probably the most well balanced of the 3 in the difficulty dept.

ChickeyCantor3526d ago

Its the best one in the series hands down >=D

2FootYard3526d ago

I don't think I would buy it again even though it is one of my top five games.

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