TGV: Death Tank Double Review

Death Tank Double Review written by DarkArmada & SuperKlue.

The Game:
Up to 8 Players can battle friends or the computer in single player combat with tanks holding an arsenal of devastating weapons and unique items which give players unlimited destructive power. The game consists of 8 separate landscapes that react to tank combat which alter their shape when hit and provide an ever changing environment in which to play.

TGV Writes:
"The Good:
* A new take on a classic game
* Environments are pretty
* Multiplayer can be enjoyable on the same console

The Bad:
* Explosions and Tanks look plain
* Lacks choice of weapons
* Game becomes boring quite quickly
* No long term single player goal
* Only three multiplayer modes: free-for-all, co-op, team d/match"

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Hunter863522d ago

Wow might avoid this one I guess.

leeeeed3522d ago

For 1200MP - this game really does suck :(

SuperKlue3522d ago

I still can't believe microsoft put a premium label on this.

Eliminat3r3522d ago

Kinda reminds me of a game i used to play on PC all the time as a teenager.
I just cant seem to remember the naem of it, we used to call it tanks , was the best game ever.
I guess the devs should of followed the formula of the tried and tested Genre.


HarukoHex3522d ago

battle tanks, I had all the weapons, that game was loads of fun at the time. XD

Immortal Kaim3521d ago

What a ridiculous price for this game. MS are starting to raise the prices on all games, no matter if it is good or not...