Metal Gear Solid for iPhone Disapointing

When Konami announced that they will be releasing their stealth action video game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns for the Patriots for the iPhone and iPod Touch I was Excited. But now, not so much. The preview video was disappointing and not what was expected of the game to be.

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na2ru13524d ago

a bit disappointingly "Disapointing".

3524d ago
anh_duong3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

ironic coming from someone who has only one bubble.

Tempist3524d ago

In all reality did anyone have good expectations for this?

celldomceen13524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

this is metal gear for the iphone what in the hell did you expect? [email protected] now what in the hell was that shot at ps3 fans for? EDIT @BELOW yea people like that are the reason that i dont frequent the main site

Fishy Fingers3524d ago

There's generally a good reason why a user has 1 bubble. Usually the same reason you should just ignore them :)

Darkseider3524d ago

A REAL game trying to be played on a PHONE. Yeah OK the iPhone and iPod Touch are truly the future of portable gaming. Now does everyone see how stupid that sounds when Apple, et al, speak about such things?

PS360WII3524d ago

I don't see a problem with the version of MGS4 they are making for the iPhone. I mean what do they want? An actually MGS game? No that just wouldn't work. This is a great fit for the device at hand plus it's MGS4! Geez people get way to uppity these days

Da One3524d ago

they just expected more I mean this MGS here.

PS360WII3524d ago

Yes it is MGS and for a handheld device that is mainly a mobile phone with nothing but touch screen input this is a great way to make MGS on it. So I'm still going with uppity gamers wanting the moon for every game. It's just stupid.

Da One3524d ago

This is a Series that was built on and surpassed those said expectations, you expect the same with installment,

Tony P3523d ago

Are we uppity because we have higher standards for our handhelds than portable flash games?

We don't want the moon, we just want Apple and Mac enthusiasts to back up their constant claims about the iPhone. These guys constantly talk it up as a gaming device on par with DS & PSP yet we see no actual depth beyond precious few titles like Fade/1112, Sim City, SW:TFU, I Love Katamari, and maybe Spore Origins. The overwhelming majority is made up of "addictive" puzzlers or knock-offs of other casual games. Your standard waste of five minutes.

So how are gamers, especially MGS fans, not allowed to be disappointed? We're talking about a franchise that has doggedly adhered to stealth action across 20+ freaking years. Even on Gameboy (Ghost Babel) they can make it stealth action. Even as a card game (AC!D) they can stay true to tradition. It's a staple of the series. Do I even need to mention MGS Mobile (that's right on a mobile phone) which runs in full 3D and is truer to the series than this version will ever be?

Why then should we be satisfied when the upcoming king of handhelds can't deliver more than a lacklustre 3PS of a major series?

The criticism is warranted.

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Gaystation 33524d ago

Metal Gear Solid is disappointing in general. The iPhone has nothing to do with it.

lokiroo4203524d ago

Hoooray for brain damage!

mrdxpr23524d ago

yeap just like your mama right .... damn sucks that when she saw u she was soo disapointed she slaped u and the doctor oh well life is like that for u ... u got a console cough 360 cough that all it does is disapoint u...

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