GDC 07: Home Explored (IGN)

A very detailed preview of Home by IGN.

"Described as "the first of its kind," Home is an avatar-based virtual neighborhood built on the shoulders of every PS3 owner who participates. Offered as a free download from the PlayStation Store, the new networked feature installs a unique icon to your XMB and then launches just like a game does. Once connected, users are able to join online games, go shopping, talk with other people, and mess around with various media types for as long as they see fit. And to be honest, it's actually pretty cool."

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bilal4638d ago

it is the most detailed description i have read so far...

timmyp534638d ago

this is a good way to really improve the social experience of the playstation 3

timmyp534638d ago

the lobby, customisable house, milestones*(achievements), personalized gaming lounges, the music lounge/ movie theater. Man it sounds sweet.

techie4638d ago

"Finally explains what that home button on your SIXAXIS controller does" !!!! yes indeeed...just press the button and you're in. COol.

Bhai4638d ago

Just WOW !!! I can't find remorse for myself I'm THIS excited for the feature. Everybody kept 'talking' about an innovative take on the social aspect of Online but Sony 'DID' it and its only 3 months that they have entered online.

I agree with 'Bilal', the above report definitely is the best description of 'The Home' thus far, complete with high quality pictures. The individual detail of the 3D avatars in 'The Home' is mentioned as all next-gen and customizable...just INSANE ! its only 3 months and Sony ROCKS !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.