Who killed the killer app?

We expect that a significant number of Killzone 2's purchasers will not be at all disappointed in the game, writes Roger Hargreaves.

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Drekken3548d ago

No single game will decide a winner. BUT, The bombardment of killer exclusives should. Only time will tell. I dont care who sells more, I just want games. kthx.

GrieverSoul3548d ago

Yup! One game only wont save something that doesnt need to be saved in the first place!

As long as my PS3 gives me games that I can only find on it, I´ll be happy! I might buy a X360 later down the road but right now, with this economy balance, I´ll stick with the one that gives me more advantages and where the games I wanna play are! Right now thats the PS3! By summer time, with more time available and some savings I might buy a X360 for the Jrpgs. Those are the ones I miss the most on my PS3.

kapedkrusader3548d ago

...Riiight. Far from it. As much as third party companies are going multi-plat, now more than ever, is when bigger and badder exclusives are what counts most, especially for the PS3.

HDDVD183547d ago

shame on british gaming media

edge/boomtown/teletext are just shame of gaming media

olivia3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

again with this sh*t when did the ps3 ever need saving and a bigger question saving from what?????please he nuff with all the ps3 sony hate all he did there is say in a nice way instead of bashing it to death lol .oh and here's a video compliments of the ps3..

rockleex3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

The importance of exclusives only rises.

Don't they understand?

Example: As fast food restaurants become more widespread, the offerings of a regular restaurant only becomes more important.

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solidworm3548d ago

here is the prevailation of jaded gamers that make up not only the contributors but the fans of teletexts gamecentral. like Edge before it,it is the most predictable of gaming news sources. These two outlets are the nemesis of the new video gaming reality. Retro to the extreme they remind me of the Dad figure complaining that "things aint as good as they were in my day"!
They harbor many valid and intelligent points regarding this our most loved hobby yet always put there despairing negative spin on anything that doesnt fit into theyre misplaced ludite sensibilities. On point the writer states as have many that Killzone does nothing new within the genre while ignoring the cover system that is completely new in its application and the intricacies of the multiplayer.
I stopped reading teletext and Edge as it made me sad to be a gamer in this modern age,...sad that i cared for the ramblings of the last gens appologists/champions.

greatjimbo783548d ago

You know what? you're spot on with your comment, bubbles for you

LiquifiedArt3548d ago

Your comment is really the Truth. I share your views.

GrandTheftZamboni3548d ago

Well put:

"They harbor many valid and intelligent points regarding this our most loved hobby yet always put there despairing negative spin on anything that doesnt fit into theyre misplaced ludite sensibilities."

Fortunately, their web of truth is not as impenetrable as they hope it to be.

bviperz3547d ago

Some people are to stubborn to accept new things.

olivia3547d ago

agreed solidworm well said man

Guitarded3547d ago

Perhaps it is your misplaced sensibilities that are the issue here. A technical achievement does not equal fun. That is what gaming is about. FUN! Too many "graphics whores" around these days.

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Mr Tretton3547d ago

Who killed game journalism?

spandexxking3547d ago

teletext do gaming journalism now?

HDDVD183547d ago

that site is a serious joke

7/10 for KZ2 but 10/10 for halo 3?

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