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Review by David Jenkins – We were there the day that infamous trailer was first shown at E3 2005, when Sony's marketing muscle looked like it would dreamcast the 360 with contemptuous ease.

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she00win993575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

the score is already in metacritic.

Lfmesquite3575d ago

with this being added to metacrtic, even though it's a sh*tty site that has nothing to do with games. You can't even find what they gave Gears of War 2 on there.

But I also saw a few other reviews today, Gamerblorge which is actually a gaming site and has reviews for other games gave it a A+ and they aren't on metacritic.

Futuregamez gave it a 91/100, they aren't on metacritic yet.

I would argue that even which gave it a perfect score should be on metacritic. These are websites that write about gaming. I don't see how, is anymore credible. Atleast in those other sites you can find reviews on other games.

Gamerblorge A+/A+
futuregamez 91/100
PS3blog 10/10
IncGamers 8.8/10
Teletext 7/10

I'd like to see all these reviews added to metacritic, so far the only one I see on metacritic is teletext.

Black Maverick3575d ago

Which is odd. I don't mind review because it's from a well respected writer and he's just expressing his opinion of the game. Killzone 2 isn't by any means a perfect game without flaws but Metacritic seems to be actively trying to lower its average score. There have been alot reviews that came out last week giving the game scores of 92-95 but only a few of them were added. The Edge review, Absolute Games, and this one (all giving Killzone a score of 70) were added almsot immediately after being released. You can call it what you want, but Metacritic is picking and choosing which Killzone 2 reviews they want to show, not to mention how much "weight" each review carries.

Lfmesquite3575d ago

they have it 4.5/5

I just want all these reviews added, so the game can have a fair metacritic average.

CrazzyMan3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )


"I was thinking earlier about the 2d sidescrolling era. These games had similar graphics, similar X/Y movement, and often identical action (jump on enemy head to destroy them or shoot them with your ball (laser?) gun).

But what set super metroid apart from rocky rodent?

Mood, setting, refined controls/gameplay, pretty graphics.

I am tired of bullet points on the back of a game case. (This game has 46 guns, 2 of which shoot axe-wielding vikings at high speeds) I wish their were more games that have been thoughtfully crafted from begining to end, building on all of the past video game industry successes and failures."

KZ2 will provide you a GREAT experience, atleast not worse than Gears 2,
so scoring KZ2 below Gears 2 ONLY means BIAS and nothing more.

KZ2 is clearly a HIT and a MASTERPIECE.
Guerilla Games did a GREAT Job.
Anyone, who denies that - is a fanboy or someone, who lacks an atention.

Killzone 2 is a MUSTBUY.


These are the harshest ever, seriously.

Although they did give Street Fighter 4 a 10.

jammy_703575d ago

does nothing new! not that imaginitive blah blah blah!

what a load of old s**t! lol

look at the game, the demo, how the hell do people give this less than an 8!... is beyond me!

Mikerra173575d ago

why is this peice of crap site in metacritic, its just trying to take the score down

Mindboggle3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Metacritic are just garbage, and they should really inforce some rules on themselves to avoid losing all credibility. We see it all the time crappy sites who are barely known reviewing games when they clearly dont have a clue what they are talking about. Its just unfair biased.

All gaming sites are giving it 9+ and then you get these crappy non gaming related sites who review them completeley wrong. When you get reviews like this and there are 35+ games on metacritic that are 9+ they are definetly doing something wrong.

Blademask3575d ago



outside of KZ2 & SF4. This site just magically got added to metacritic. Yeah, BS I suggest everyone write Mr.Doyle an email on this, this is absurd. They ignore all types of international publications but TELETEXT!?!?! Push that to the front of the line.

Its sad to see that metacritic & ms + cnet aren't going to allow KZ2 to be reflected with a decent score. No, less than 95 % is not good enough for this game, especially since we all know what it would score if it was on the 360 exclusively.


SL1M DADDY3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

It's a known fact that Metacritic is pathetic and that they post fewer reviews for PS3 games than 360 games. Heck, there are nearly 200 reviews for Killzone 2 and yet Meta posts only about 60 of them and they included a few that are from pretty obscure sites. Looking at a 360 game like Halo 3, you get nearly 90 reviews posted and many of them are from Xbox only sites. Sorry but Meta might not be the epiphany of a deeply engrained conspiracy but they are keeping the full picture from being shown to the consumers.

As for the review, I get sick of the "it doesn't bring anything new to the genre" argument. If the game does what it is supposed to do and does it better than anybody else then that alone should be taken into consideration. What these folks want is a FPS that is not an FPS. They want more out of the genre than most games give out. If you can find any site that gave COD4 a 10 out of 10 and then gave Killzone 2 a 7 out of 10 then you have found a site that is more than likely bias against Sony for some illegitimate reason.

nix3575d ago

it's superb!! awesome and i'm just trying to get over it.. my head is reeling with helgan eyes and soundtrack!

it's a great game... pity these low-life people decided complain... it's 12/10 in my book. (11 was MGS4). enjoy guys....


SuperM3575d ago

playing it right now. im on the last level, and damn the game is off the hook. 91 might sound like a good score on metacritic but thats still way underrated imo. had this been xbox exclusive it would have been somewhere between 95-98. Sad but true. This games feels alot fresher then most FPS out there yet its being rated down for "not doing anything new" thats alot of bullcrap and an excuse to rate the game down. This is definately the best ps3 game on the market now. Heck id say its the best game period. Buy it, you wont regret.

darthv723575d ago

how long did it take you to complete or get to the last level? Was it 8hrs or longer?

3574d ago
DominusRebellis3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Why do people care so much about what reviewers rate a game? Please answer because I don't understand. Are people stupid enough to let someone's opinion sway their decision in purchasing a game? I buy a game and decide fo myself, whether or not it is good, so why doesn't anyone else seem to do the same? If someone reviewed a toilet to be 2/10, would you still sh!t in it, or not?

If anyone should care, it should be the developers, not the people who play the game. So why should the gamers care if it doesn't affect us in any way?

FrankenLife3574d ago

Metacritic needs to be taken down. Look at this bs. Reviewers know their influence on the site, and the result that has for the people that make the game. The site doesn't add every review from a publication that receives review copies. They give some reviews more weight than others. That isn't fair. Different reviewers have different styles. I know that for myself I find a couple of reviewers that I agree with, and listen to them. I don't really care about the others. The highly weighted reviewers are different for different people. Why should metacritic decide who is worth counting and how much their review is worth.

Immortal Kaim3574d ago

Why is everyone complaining about Metacritic adding some sites and not others. Before Metacritic adds a site to their review aggregation process they must have a certain Alexa ranking/views/hits etc, they don't just let any site join...

Obviously this particular website meets the criteria?

McMee3574d ago

Now since when did creating a technical masterpiece not get counted as an ambitious goal. Fvcking sh!t review

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Lucreto3575d ago

Teletext... kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel

Fishy Fingers3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Ha, yeah... I bet most of the users here wont know what teletext is. It was all the rage in the 90s :)

2 more days guys, then we can quit reading about it and start living it!

Lucreto3575d ago

It is like adding a review of a local paper with less than 1,000 viewers.

negative3575d ago

I have a PS3 and Xbox 360.

I plan on buying Killzone 2 this week, but I have to admit I love when a 7/10 review comes up like this one. Always makes the little sony fanboys squeal.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lolz!

Mindboggle3575d ago

Exactly, I cant believe a teletext site even exists, and like you said it probably has noone reading it, teletext has been dead since early 2000's. So they make a controversial review to bring everyone to their site. Like someone else said this is one of the first reviews theyve done. And they are magically added to metacritic.

redsquad3575d ago

Remember the "DATA*ANK" game site on teletext? There was fanboy rage on that even back in the days of PS1 and Saturn.
The graphics were soooo cool too - Six pixels to make a face!

In this age of 24 hour news channels and instant internet headlines, I honestly never even knew text services were still going.

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Parapraxis3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago ) this a gaming site?
This is the ONLY review on the site...and Metacritic added it?
That's kinda lame.

Did did they get approved for meta because of the high alexa ranking?
If so, should any site with a high ranking be allowed to add reviews to Meta regardless of their focus in the feild?

I think sites focused on GAMING should be added to Meta to review GAMES, not sites that have no experience reviewing games regardless of how high they rank on Alexa.

Next they'll be adding reviews from PETA and MySpace.

techie3575d ago

That's a pretty high Alexa rating there...anything in top 100,000 is high.

Parapraxis3575d ago

But they are not a gaming site.
Did they get added to Metacritic just because of ranking?
1st game review ever =/= credible reviewers for games.

greatjimbo783575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I have submitted it to N4G, because game central has some of the most respected writers in the UK, especially David Jenkins.
They are generally spot on with their reviews and I normally trust them, now I'm not so sure?

@Parapraxis/Game Central is a gaming site on interactive digital TV, it has reviews and news on it everyday, and is highly regarded in the industry.

@Fishy Fingers/ Try a RSS feed for a history of reviews, because we all know your trying to find their Geow2 review.

Fishy Fingers3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

"some of the most respected writers in the UK"

What teletext? LOL..... I dont think so. Plus I can only find one review, this one. Which ones were "spot on"?

Edit: Dude I dont care about specific game reviews (namely Gears as you mention it), I just want to experience some of this industry recognised scripture your talking about because I didnt find any in this review, must be an off day?

Lucreto3575d ago

I used to read it but he makes mountains out of mole hills most of the time. He also gave far lower scores than most online sites.

Parapraxis3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Well if the reviews are on TV, great.It's nearly impossible to find the history of reviews.

greatjimbo783575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Wow I got disagrees for saying I didn't agree with the review, and that I felt unsure as to how I will take GameCentral reviews in the future.
There really are some thick idiots on N4G now days aren't there.

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greatjimbo783575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

@ Parapraxis/ You don't get it do you?, It is an Online & Digital TV site that has game reviews, game news, and twice a week it has an article(One user submitted and one staff written)in place of one of it's reviews IE today.
It is updated daily, and has been published for over 10 years now.

Parapraxis3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

See post 7.