Preview - Alan Wake

It's been a year since Alan Wake was first announced for Xbox 360, and since then we've heard nothing. Instead, the mystery has deepened. Remedy had insisted that the game wasn't going to appear at E3, but since Microsoft has picked the game as an Xbox 360 exclusive, a single trailer was shown at this year's show.

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TheMART6194d ago

That game looks really, really good.

Another great exclusive for the 360.
PSZero eat that

FamoAmo6194d ago

I have been following this game since I got my 360 and this game looks awsome. I think it's gonna be 1 of the best titles for the 360 next year! And like #1 said eat that!! lol

no_more_heroes6194d ago

What is this game really going to be? I need to know if its something to look out for.

Marriot VP6194d ago

Is this one exclusive, I didn't think it was?

Moostache6194d ago

Well the trailer on XBL says "Microsoft Games Studios" as the publisher, so I have a hard time believing that would ever end up on anything but the 360 adn Vista...

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